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This is what Lana looks like today, the big love of Clark Kent in “Smallville”

This is what Lana looks like today, the big love of Clark Kent in “Smallville”

More than two decades have passed since then Kristen Kreuk made her debut on the small screen playing Lana Lang in the hit TV show Smallville.which aired from 2001 to 2011. It tells of the adventures of “Clark Kent” and “Superman” in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas.

This superhero production was one of the most critically acclaimed television productions in all of history, as they had over a dozen seasons and made their actors rise to fame.

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for his part, Kreuk has only been in seven seasons, since leaving “Smallville” at the start of 2008, when his character left town. She then returned as a guest star in the eighth season and was in the five season finale of her story.

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What happened to Kristen Kreuk after Smallville?

When the superhero project came to an end, the actress decided to continue her acting career, and in 2010 she took part in the short series “Ben Hur”, where she played “Tirzah”, the hero’s sister.

She also gave herself a chance to dub and did the “Robot Chicken” show for the character “Oblina”. In addition, he wanted to try his hand at comedy and took part in the Chuck project.

In 2012, she gave life to Detective “Katherine Chandler” in the show “Beauty & The Beast”.which was based on the 1980 drama of the same name and starred Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton.

This series was very popular and with it Won six People’s Choice Awards through its four seasons, before it was canceled in 2016. Two years later, Crick starred in the Canadian television series The Burden of Truth, playing attorney Joanna Chang. This was also very successful and ran for four seasons.

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Her last role on television was as “Charlene”, a minor character in the action series “Reacher” (2022).. It is very likely that this project will have a second season, so it is likely that we will see her again in this role.

What does Christine Crick look like today?

Today the Canadian actress is 40 years old, and she constantly uploads updates about her life to her social networks. It is known that He lives in Canada and loves sharing photos and musings on self-love.

“I hope you love yourselves in ways that help you grow, feel welcome, get your heart broken (and mend), become brave, and allow yourself to hide when necessary,” she wrote in one post.

Crick also revealed that this self-love issue was not easy for her.

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“I don’t like having my pictures taken. Ask any friend I’ve ever had. Because of my job, I feel empowered to take pictures. However, I haven’t asked for pictures since I was 18. Now I realize that one of the reasons for the challenge is that I was able to see all these pictures of myself.” And I try really hard not to be overly judgmental.”

The actress isn’t afraid to show her insecurities and admits that she’s working on accepting herself.

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