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This will be confirmed by the Social Security Board of Health

This will be confirmed by the Social Security Board of Health

Entities, associations and unions in the sector have been summoned to incorporate that status for a period of two years, according to Decree 114 of 2021.

Tonga, Aug. 16, 2023 (UACP). With the aim of promoting citizen participation and compliance with Decree 114 of March 23, 2021, the Boyacá government will elect those who will integrate the Board of Directors of Social Security in Health – CDSSS, for a period of two years.

We call on the entire health sector, all communities and citizens in general to participate in the call for the formation of the Social Security Board of Directors in Health. I would like to remind you that the following persons must be elected: Two representatives of the health directorates in the municipalities. one of the local health directorates; two employer representatives, one of whom will represent small and medium-sized businesses, and the other from other forms of association; two workers’ representatives, one representing pensioners; and a representative of the Department of State Social Institutions, affiliated to the respective jurisdiction “, noted José David Muñoz, Reference for Citizen Participation of the Health Secretariat of Boyacá.

Muñoz specified that the representative of the Department of Social Institutions of the province’s state will be selected by the Minister of Health Boyacá from the shortlist sent.

The board will also be part of three representatives of the benefit plan management companies that have branches within the jurisdiction of the department, and a representative of those health professionals of whom the branch of the association forms the majority in the territory, similarly appointed by the departmental secretary of health in the ministry of health. Shortlist submitted by associations.

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According to the reference, the following persons must also be elected: a representative of the institutions providing private health services, which will be selected by the Minister of Health of Boyacá from among the nominations made in the call addressed to the said entities; A representative of user associations or alliances in the jurisdiction to be appointed by the Minister of Health from the short list provided by the respective associations or alliances; and the representative of the regional indigenous communities to be chosen by the community itself according to its customs.

This subordination requires the provincial government to enter the website of the Ministry of Health and its social networks, communicate via email shareacionsocial.salud.gov.co or by phone 311592 5029 with the professional Estela Gutiérrez, where guidance will be provided. to participate in the process. (The End / Edgar Rodriguez Lemos – Federation of Contractors Association).

Communications and Administrative Protocol Unit

Boyaca Province

Review the requirements document attached to each position, and schedule the specific procedure according to each representative called.