November 30, 2023

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Thousands of Microsoft workers were angry that they would lose free access to Game Pass Ultimate, but Phil Spencer fixed the issue within 24 hours

Thousands of Microsoft workers were angry that they would lose free access to Game Pass Ultimate, but Phil Spencer fixed the issue within 24 hours

More than 230,000 Microsoft workers were set to lose access to Game Pass Ultimate from January 2024, but Phil Spencer didn’t know about it

Working at Microsoft is a must have DealEspecially if you like video games. Although access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free is a plus, missing out on this subscription is a plus It wouldn’t be very funny For thousands of employees who work in the company. However, that’s it Internal problems They face a certain way, and in this case it seems that this unfortunate incident has already been resolved.

What happened these days? the middle the edge I mentioned that he was there Thousands of employees are unhappy with Microsoft Because they will not be playing Game Pass Ultimate for free starting January 1, 2024. However, the entire team had the opportunity to purchase an annual subscription at a discounted price. On the other hand, Tom Warren explains that this procedure Not applied to Workers Who are part of the department to X-Box.

We’re talking about 238,000 workers Microsoft said they would lose this feature, causing many to lament the situation on internal forums. Obviously, Phil Spencer was not aware of this unfortunate incident, but the head of Xbox decided to address the issue 24 hours onlyAnd I found the solution. The aforementioned media published a condition He explained how the head of Microsoft’s gaming division resolved this setback.

Phil Spencer has fixed an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate issue for Microsoft employees

Phil Spencer issued a statement to thousands of Microsoft employees indicating that they will keep Game Pass at no additional cost, and will not have to pay for it next year: “After discussing this with the team, I just want to confirm that… There are no changes to Game Pass availability in 2024. If you access the Game Pass offer today, you’ll still have access to it. I appreciate the time to catch up Lamentations Questions and Create confusion. Thank you for supporting Xbox.”

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Since 2019 Microsoft employees enjoyed Xbox Game Pass for free, and in 2024 they will continue to do so. It seems that the problem arose because Department of Human Resources He made this decision, which is why Spencer was not aware of the discomfort felt by some employees, but this is now history because it has been resolved.

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