July 14, 2024

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TikTok plans to bolster its messaging service’s capabilities with a new team

TikTok plans to bolster its messaging service’s capabilities with a new team

TikTok, the popular vertical-format short video platform, aims to enhance its messaging function.

To implement this vision, he decided to implement new roles within a newly formed team called “TikTok Social”. The company described it as the heart of its messaging services.

Continuous introduction of new features has been one of the social network’s strategies to enrich the user experience. One such recent application is the feature that allows people to share content in text format.

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With the support of ByteDance, its parent company, TikTok continues to search for innovations that further enrich the engagement of its users. This time, its focus is on enhancing its capabilities as a messaging platform.

Recently, through the Job Offers section, ByteDance has listed several positions to integrate the “TikTok Social” team. Featured roles include backend software engineer, technical lead, and engineering lead. These job descriptions reflect the team’s ambition: to improve the messaging experience and “foster deeper connections between users.”

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A notable detail in the descriptions is the focus on designing and launching tools that allow users to “more easily connect and share the things that matter to them.” It also notes that those joining the team will collaborate with colleagues globally to “bring a distinct social solution to TikTok, such as messaging.”

Successful candidates will work on various aspects such as user profile, narration, inbox management, following, liking, commenting and tagging other users.

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