June 21, 2024

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To avoid misinformation, it is essential to regulate digital platforms

To avoid misinformation, it is essential to regulate digital platforms

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization stressed the urgency of this Develop common global guidelines to improve the reliability of information onlineWith the protection of human rights.

This is one of the ideas produced by the Trusted Internet conference, which took place at the organization’s headquarters in Paris, between Tuesday and Thursday, and was attended by 4,300 participants who discussed what is possible. Regulatory measures for the current online information crisis.

“The blurring of the boundaries between right and wrong, the systematic denial of scientific facts, the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories — all of this did not originate from social media. But in the absence of regulation, they reproduce there much better than the truthThe Director-General of UNESCO warned in her opening remarks.

Audrey Azoulay highlighted this Only by fully controlling this technological revolution We can ensure that human rights, freedom of expression and democracy are not sacrificed. For information to remain a public good, we must now think and act together.”

The conference marks the culmination of a global dialogue initiated by the United Nations agency with the aim of creating the first global guidelines for the regulation of social networks, in order to improve the reliability of information and Promotion of human rights Connected.

Without the facts, you cannot know the truth.

“Lies spread faster than facts. For some strange reason, truths are so boring. Lies especially when they are accompanied by fear, anger, hatred, tribalism, and they hurt us. They stretch. It’s like throwing a match into a fire.” Said the journalist Maria Ressa, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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If we continue to tolerate social media algorithms that reward lies, Risa warned, Future generations will inherit a world in which the truth is seriously undervalued. “Without facts there is no truth, without truth there is no trust and we do not share a common reality.”

The President of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, recalled the violent attacks on his country’s democratic institutions on January 8. “What happened that day was the culmination of a campaign that began a long time ago, and that used lies and misinformation as ammunition.”

The Brazilian president added that To a large extent, this campaign is designed, organized and disseminated through digital platforms and messaging applications. It is the same method used Generate violence in other parts of the world. We have to put an end to it.”

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Develop a coordinated list based on human rights

Azoulay stressed that At least 55 countries are already working on regulatory initiativesalthough he called for providing them with a coherent and universal approach, based on human rights.

“If these organizational initiatives developed in isolation, With each country operating in its own corner, they are doomed. Information disruption is by definition a global problem, so our repercussions must occur globally.”As he claimed.

Icelandic Prime Minister Katrín Jacobsdottir stressed the importance Create a common set of guidelines on how to organize this digital space. Technology may not be misused to oppress, censor, or harass people, or to turn off the Internet. “

he Youtube Felipe Neto shared his experiences on Extreme content Published by Algorithms. “Of course we don’t want to shut down the platforms, we don’t want to fight them. It’s about providing accounts, ending impunity, sitting them at the table and telling them ‘you have to be responsible for the mistakes you’ve made and the mistakes you’ll make'”As he claimed.

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The Director-General of UNESCO urged all countries to join the organization’s efforts Transforming the Internet into a tool that truly works for the public This contributes to guaranteeing the right to freedom of expression; A right that includes the right to request and receive information.

All stakeholders took part in the meeting: governments, independent regulators, digital companies, academia and civil society. UNESCO will present the guidelines in September 2023.

With information from UN News.

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