May 22, 2022

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Today's matches: Atletico Madrid - Real Madrid.  Summary, goals and result of today's match 35 of LaLiga Espaola

Today’s matches: Atletico Madrid – Real Madrid. Summary, goals and result of today’s match 35 of LaLiga Espaola

Thank you very much for watching the derby match between Atlético and Real. Don’t forget to follow all the action of LaLiga Espaola by MARCA Claro.

You can refer to the full history, here

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 90 +5 ‘| is over! With great suffering, Atleti wins.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 90′ | Five minutes added.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 87 ‘| Oblak! The goalkeeper turns away from Asensio’s goal with a great shot.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 85 ‘| Oblak becomes a factor with a few interventions to avoid a tie.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 81 ‘| Altiti searches for the second and insists, but luck is not on his side.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 78′ | A filtered pass earns a two-tone rise.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 76′ | Stick up! Carrasco hit the first post, but the ball hit the metal and did not enter.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 74 ‘| no! Griezmann missed the second after being unable to comfortably finish the match.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 72 ‘| Griezmann! The French hit him after half a turn but the ball opened up.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 70′ | Now Real Madrid is plugged in but they defend well and don’t provide a lot of facilities. Then against what Nacho stops and the middle is reprimanded.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 67 ‘| Valverde’s shot to the right post, which goes through one side.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 66 ‘| Reneldo! Asensio hit the far post, but the ball fell on the head of the defender, who was almost out.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 64 ‘| Savic was booked into the Atleti for lowering Rodrigo.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 63 ‘| Monday! Griezmann gives the ball for being the one who shoots, but the goalkeeper saves superbly.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 61′ | Chimero and Jovich leave, giving their place to Vinicius and Valverde.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 60′ | First Carrasco and then again Casemiro. A pair of shots that pass through each area.

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Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 59′ | Casemiro’s shot, but Oblak controls. Brazilian warned.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 58 ‘| Griezmann’s shot that goes beyond the top.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 56 ‘| The ball is owned by Atleti but it did not succeed in disturbing Lunin.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 54 ‘| Llorente slips inside the area and does not demand a possible penalty. Good long possession of Atleti.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 52 ‘| Atlett controls the exits despite the pressure they put on. At the moment the local does not refuse to search for the second.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 49 ‘| Real Madrid is now communicating better in these minutes, but the defense is strong in the basement. Gimnez accepted a sweep before Jovic’s shot.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 46′ | To complement Griezmann entered and left Korea.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 45′ | Start the second half!

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 45 +3 ‘| To rest! Corner kick deflected through the defense and the first half ended.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 45 +2 ‘| Oblak! The ball remains for Jovic, but the goalkeeper’s exit prevents a tie.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 45′ | Two minutes have been added.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 44 ‘| On one hand! Kroos moves from the midrange and the ball gets very close.

Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 42 ‘| The ball is for Korea but can not be resolved in the area.


Athletics 1-0 Real Madrid | 40′ | GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Carrasco deceives Lunin and sends her to guard.


Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 37 ‘| Penalty! The play is reviewed and the referee decides the penalty. Vallejo is warned.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 36′ | UFFFFFF! Cunha fell in the area before the sign of Militao and Vallejo, and the wrong judgment did not count. He confirmed that he was not there and that the spirits light up.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 33 ‘| Good takeoff from Vallejo on Correa to prevent him from entering the area. Then it tries to output but finds no options.

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Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 31 ‘| Visit recover twice to avoid the first. Nacho and Kroos appear on time.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 30′ | Half of Real Madrid’s stadium is struggling to distribute the balls that did not reach Rodrygo.


Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 28 ‘| Vzquez spends the yellow card after stopping Carrasco. free shot.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 27 ‘| Carrasco sent the ball to the far post but Cook couldn’t finish the ball. Shipment passed.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 25 ‘| Cunha has taken over Camavinga but the Frenchman is recovering. Then he sent a long time to Visquez who could not get there.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 23 ‘| Kroos intercepts diagonally at the right time and avoids the shot in the area.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 22 ‘| The crowd is stuck on the field, while the ball belongs to Atleti who are trying to break the visiting order.


Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 20′ | Jovic has been booked for a match against Korea. First in the match.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 18 ‘| A shot by Lucas Vazquez could not be reached due to the force of the ball. Madrid now contains in a better way.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 16′ | Jovic expects a free kick and sends the ball to the corner kick.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 14 ‘| The visitors are trying to control their long possessions, but Atleti continues at a high pace and is already trying to rehearse from both sides.


Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 12′ | Carrasco fell in the area, but the referee decided not to count a foul. Get the entire playing field.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 10 ‘| Madrid is placed in the middle block and awaits the Colchoneros who control the ball.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 08 ‘| NOOOOOOOO! Carrasco leaves the scoring game, slips off the defensive back and shoots at the near post from one side.

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Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 06 ‘| Militao reaches space on time and blocks Carrasco’s shot from reaching Lunen. Atleti dominates in these minutes.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 03 ‘| Belt! And the Argentine striker lost it with a cross-shot that was very lacking in positions.

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 01 ‘| Kondogya! A shot from a medium distance passes the goalkeeper. Before the bad start of two colors.


Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | 00 ‘| Get the party started! The ball is already rolling in the Wanda Metropolitano.

Darth Vader, located in Wanda Metropolitano

The Empire has come to Atlético Square! Darth Vader was responsible for leaving the ball in the court. Star Wars starred in the match preview.

Teams come to the field

Athletics 0-0 Real Madrid | Previous | Now the protocol ceremony has been completed. The stadium turns in support of Real Madrid.

Everything is ready for the start of the match at Wanda Metropolitano

1:55 PM | We are just minutes away from rolling the ball. Real Madrid visits Atleti’s home in the 25th round.

Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid match: predictions for today’s match

1:50 PM | Bookmakers along with Altico de Madrid due to the large number of starters they have in eleven. The odds are up to -125 to win. While the tie remained at +270 and the victory of “Merengues” at +375.

Atletico Madrid will not be a corridor for Real Madrid

1:45 PM | Atleti will not recognize his rivals after winning the La Liga title. The team reports that there will be no arcade this afternoon at the Wanda Metropolitano.

Real Madrid, to maintain its great streak against Atlético Madrid

1:35 PM | Real Madrid achieved a great streak against Atlético de Madrid in recent matches. In eight matches, the balance was four wins for the Whites in four draws.

What is the date of the match between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, and what channel is it broadcasting live on?

1:30 PM | The derby between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid is played at 2:00 pm, that is, after half an hour the ball will start to roll.

Real Madrid’s confirmed squad

1:20 PM | Ancelotti has not decided to risk many of his characters and goes with an alternate draw for the day: two colors; Lucas Vazquez, Vallejo, Militao, Nacho; Camavinga, Casemiro, Croce; Rodrigo, Mariano, Daz, Asensio.

Atlético de Madrid confirmed

1:15 pm | Cholo leaves Hctor Herrera on the bench and decides to put Koke and Kondogbia in the center of the field: Oblak. Vrsaljko, Savic; Jimenez, Renildo; Marcos Llorente, Cook, Kondogbia, Carrasco; belt, being.

Good Sunday everyone and welcome to the Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid match. The champion team visits the home of one of its classic rivals with an alternate team. Meanwhile, Simeone wants to secure places in the Champions Zone.

The Atleti wants to be in the top three, so they need to win tonight. Don’t miss now all the actions of Brand Claro.