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Travel to New Zealand : Tourist Attractions and Budget - More Regions - International

Travel to New Zealand : Tourist Attractions and Budget – More Regions – International

Thinking of traveling to New Zealand? Located 2000 kilometers southwest of Australia, the paradise country offers a complete experience to its visitors. Contact with natureOffers amazing landscapes Crystalline beaches, glaciers, towering volcanoes; Also, the cities are full Culture and Architecture.

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Due to the shape of the island, a tour is recommended North to South So if you travel a short distance, you can get to know each and every highlight of the place. Generally, land journeys are no more than 400 kilometers and one of these must be done by boat. New Zealand It is made up of two large islands.

Auckland has been listed as the world’s best city to live in this 2021.

According to travel agency Viajes, the best New Zealand, The city is set to launch in the North Island AucklandTo go down the stretch of the island, the trip can take 12, 22 and 29 days to end in the South Island. Christchurch or Queenstown.

The company also warns that the time to get to know the country should be at least 18 days, since 15 days are dedicated to getting to know the destination and there are three or more days of flights depending on the point of departure. For Colombia, it takes about 27 hours to arrive and prices vary between flights. 9 and 14 million pesos.

Recommended route

Upon arrival Auckland A visit to the ‘Cape Regina’ lighthouse at Huhora, sailing in the Auckland Sea and a visit to the Coromandel Peninsula are recommended. Travel 337 km towards south Tongariro National Park Knowing its volcanoes and finally reaching the port Wellington.

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In Wellington, Take a ferry to the city PicktonThus start your adventure in South Island, its natural landscapes, mountains, glaciers, view Exotic marine animals and coastal trails.

On the part of the New Zealand government, strategies have been implemented to invite citizens from around the world to be part of the culture.

The National Park is 110 kilometers from Picton Abel TasmanYou can practice extreme sports, incl Kayak About 400 kilometers to the south is the glacier region, where you can enjoy amazing natural landscapes from Fox Glacier to Mt. Milford Sound In the southern part of the island.

Dunedin is home to the famous Tawakki penguins that inspired the 2007 film ‘Kings of the Waves’. Kaikoura, You can regularly admire dolphins and whales.

Mount Spring National Park is two hours from the nearest supermarket.


New Zealand Department of Defence

Finally, 181 kilometers from this region, there is the city of Christchurch, where he will take a return flight after traveling completely through the country.

Prices of these trips per person start from €2,095 15 days including vehicle and flights from Spain.

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