December 3, 2021

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Travis Scott promises to pay for treatment for survivors of Astroworld in Houston |  NIVISION 45 HOUSTON KXLN

Travis Scott promises to pay for treatment for survivors of Astroworld in Houston | NIVISION 45 HOUSTON KXLN

Houston, Texas.- Rapper Travis Scott He said days after a tragedy Astroworld, through a statement from his attorney, that he would pay for emotional assistance to the survivors of the festival and would also take care of the victims’ funeral expenses, which at the time were eight, but The number increased to ten.

Travis is in constant touch with the city of Houston.Travis’ team, whose real name is Jack Bermon-Webster II, said in a statement. They emphasized that “form, respect and appropriateness” would be sought to contact the families of the victims.

Travis Scott does not currently fund treatments

In the case of survivors, the mediator TMZ You mentioned that emotional help would be for best helpA platform for therapists around the world. The organization’s website reads: “Make occupational therapy accessible, affordable and convenient, so that anyone facing life’s challenges can get help.”

More than a week after the events, it is not known whether 50000 people Those who attended the party on November 5th will receive this assistance, or for how long.

Apparently, the plan presented by Travis Scott, as published by A article from SFGate, is a month of free treatments for all qualified accident survivors in NRG Park from Houston. These therapy services can cost up to $90 a week, but in Travis Scott’s case, they won’t be charged.

However, there is currently a similar plan after the agreement between Tennis player Venus Williams and the Women’s Tennis Association that offers one month free and then charges.

In addition, Univision 45 consulted the executives at the funeral home where she was veiled Briana Rodriguez, one of the young women who died at the festival, and confirmed that they had not been contacted by anyone from Scott’s staff.

Of the 10 victims, four are not Houston-area residents: Two from Illinois, and one from Laredo, Texas, and Post from Washington State. Many are wondering whether the expenses for transporting corpses to these cities will be paid.

On November 13, Briana Rodriguez, 16, a high school student in Houston, said her last goodbyes. It is expected that on the 16th day, the same will be done with john hilgert, He is 14 years old, who has been described as a “talented baseball player”.

Travis Scott, 30, of Houston, did not speak again after posting a video on his site Instagram account He claimed to be “totally devastated” by what happened on 5 November.

In the wake of the deaths and injuries, at least 50 orders Against rappers and organizers brought in Harris County. Prosecutors claim that they suffer from “irreversible” fears and problems after the experiment.

one of the demands Refers to Scott and Drake, another famous rapper from Canada, to “make the crowd” at the human avalanche that caused chaos at the concert.

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