April 19, 2024

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Trump and Biden, the most hated candidates in the history of American elections

Trump and Biden, the most hated candidates in the history of American elections

Almost never before in the modern history of the United States have both presidential candidates won, with an incumbent Democratic president Joe Biden And the former Republican president Donald Trump, It has aroused so much disapproval among voters that a large portion of them will vote for the “lesser evil.” And They keep growing the list of undecided people.

According to a poll published by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, a majority of voters think so None of the candidates has the mental capacity or appearance necessary to be president.

In the case of Trump (77 years old), 48% believe that he can perform at the required mental level, while only 28% believe the same for Biden (81 years old).

The same poll reveals that 59% have a negative opinion of BidenCompared to 52% for Trump.

Donald Trump, former President of the United States.

picture:Getty Images via AFP

According to the average of surveys conducted by the specialized portal FiveThirtyEight with data since 1980, The negative opinion of the candidates this election year can only be compared to what was the case in 2016. When Democrat Hillary Clinton faced Trump.

this year, Biden collects 15 points of negative sentiment over the positive rating in the average opinion polls, While the difference in Trump's case is 10 points more negative opinions than positive opinions.

However, Trump seems to be operating in his comfort zone because, in addition to being a president (2017-2021) whose popularity has never exceeded 50% in Gallup polls (something Biden also did not achieve) and polarizing Americans, he is used to campaigning with the guaranteed rejection of part A large number of American voters.

US President Joe Biden.


Some polling stations, aware of the discontent that American voters will feel this year, also measure the strength of Americans' opposition to the candidates.

According to a YouGov poll conducted in late March, 48% of those who reject Trump do so “strongly” While in Biden's case, the percentage is 45 percent.

Knowing the number of “haters” or critics of the candidates is key to knowing the extent to which they will be able to convince the undecided, which will decide who will be the president of the United States until 2029.

Trump's advantage in swing states

According to a Wall Street Journal poll this Wednesday, Trump has an advantage in six of seven states considered key to victory in the Electoral College system Through which the head of the executive branch in the United States is elected, if these ratios are maintained, he becomes president for the second time.

Trump outperforms Biden in voting intentions in the states of Arizona, Michigan, and Nevada. North Carolina and Pennsylvania lead within the margin of error in Georgia and are technically tied in Wisconsin.

Immigration and the economy are the two issues that affected Biden the most in the campaign.

picture:France Press agency

“No. He's not losing. He's recovering or even. When people start focusing (on the election) and seeing both options, it's clear that Joe is going to win this election,” First Lady Jill Biden said on Tuesday. CBS morning program.

The biggest obstacle affecting Biden's popularity, according to the Wall Street Journal conservative poll, is immigration and the economy. Trump, who has promised mass deportations and shutting down trade with China with 60% tariffs, appears to be in a better position on two issues.

Some key states that Biden cannot win showed their rejection of the president in the primary process, with a percentage of Democrats dissatisfied with their natural candidate by 13% in Michigan or 8% on Tuesday in Wisconsin.

The rejection of US support for Israel in the Gaza attack also played a major role in the weakness shown by Biden.

picture:France Press agency

The rejection of US support for Israel in the Gaza attack also played a major role in the weakness shown by Biden In this election year, which experts believe will be decided by the votes of the undecided.

If Biden loses in November, he will be the first president to fail to win re-election as the economy grows and moves away from recession.


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