May 23, 2022

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Trump's social network still not 'fully working'

Trump’s social network still not ‘fully working’

TRUTH Social, the new social network created by Trump Media & Technology Group (the company of former US President Donald Trump), has once again missed another deadline to make its promise to be “fully operational” in the US by the end of March a reality. .

After launching its initial version on February 21, TRUTH Social has been ranked as the most popular free app on the Apple App Store.

However, many users who downloaded it had problems creating an account and others were put on hold, apparently due to massive demand.

TRUTH Social CEO, former Republican Congressman Devin Nunes, later said the goal was to have the app “fully operational” in the US by the end of last month, something that hasn’t happened as users continue to report issues. Stay on the waiting list.

This situation is worrying for the platform, as many Trump supporters have invested in a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that has agreed to publish TRUTH Social and could lose their investment if the app fails to work. For anyone who wants to use it. He. She.

Sources close to the matter told Axios that SPAC is subject to a federal investigation and did not meet yesterday’s application deadline.

SPAC shares are down 35% since March 4 and 64% since their all-time high.

This week, Trump’s TRUTH Social account gained more than 800,000 followers, but the former president himself hasn’t made a post since before the original launch date.