December 4, 2021

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Twitter is changing the way you update your feed on the web

Twitter solves one problem that users have in mind: disappearing tweets.

An issue that already has a solution, but it comes with a change in the way the Twitter feed will be updated in its web version.

Twitter will no longer automatically update your feed

The tweet disappearance issue has been on the web version of Twitter for several months now. In September, the Twitter team reported that this issue occurred when the feed was updated. So if you find yourself reading a tweet when the feed was automatically updated, you’ll see it’s gone as the new tweets arrive.

Twitter I finally fixed this issue by changing the way the feed is refreshed. It will no longer be an automatic update, but each user will decide when to update the feed.

A web update is rolling out to experience a disappearing tweet! You can now choose when you want to upload new tweets to your timeline – click the tweet counter bar at the top.

So you will have to update the feed manually, either through this new option or by going to start. This way, the feed will be updated with new tweets. This will allow you to quietly read the tweet or do a quick review without disappearing in the middle of reading. And when you want to watch new content, you are given the option to update, as happens with Twitter from its iOS and Android app.

Say goodbye to headaches caused by missing tweets. And that’s not the only change you’ll notice from the web version of Twitter. As we told you in a previous article, Twitter on the web now displays a file full size photos, so you won’t find cropped images or weird formats anymore.

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