July 14, 2024

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UK Election Coverage with 369 Mentions

UK Election Coverage with 369 Mentions

UK General Election 2024 Coverage BBC Opt for remote, innovative, environmentally friendly and technology-based production. TVU Networks.

using TVU Cloud PlatformBBC was able to control remotely 369 marks Directly from different vote counting points around United kingdom, All captured through the mobile app. TVU anywhereThe footage was broadcast on BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s news website, and projected onto a giant virtual mosaic screen at the BBC’s London studio headquarters. London Broadcasting Corporationproviding audiences in the UK and around the world with an “unprecedented” immersive experience.

TVU Networks - BBC - 369 Feeds - UK Elections UK ElectionsTo form this coverage, BBC It is sent to all information points. tripod Created especially for this occasion and set Smartphone with TVU Anywhere Appallowing BBC News to capture video in real time regardless of mobile network saturation. The compactness of this technological deployment, created by BBC representatives actually attending the screening process, combined with the absence of broadcast vehicles, has allowed the corporation to create more live content in an environmentally friendly way.

Geraint ThomasBBC News’ project manager sees the deployment as a before and after for the BBC’s historic broadcaster: “Not only did this approach maintain the BBC’s highest standards of quality, it also pioneered a new way of broadcasting elections that would have been almost impossible with traditional methods. TVU’s cloud platform allowed us to expand a huge number of channels and manage spikes in traffic without having to invest in additional hardware. “It was an editorial and technological innovation that transformed the viewer experience, bringing the vote count closer to our audience and setting a new standard in election coverage.”

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TVU Networks - BBC - 369 Feeds - UK Elections UK Elections

Cloud, the key to BBC coverage with TVU solutions

Cloud Platform TVU Search He was responsible for managing the ingestion and real-time recording of hundreds of live broadcasts conducted by the BBC. Once these were processed, it was time for TVU Party Linea solution that, in the form of a tiled display, allows viewers to view all polling locations in the UK at once and even access the tiles dedicated to their local areas.

Johnny McGuiganBBC News’s live broadcast editor, has no hesitation in saying it delivered “the most personalised live video election coverage we have ever seen”. “Across the UK, everywhere you looked, you could see democracy in action, live. Being able to choose from any of the 369 nightly issues meant we could always be where the news was. Along with traditional live SNG and backhaul, we could ensure we were where audiences needed us, on digital, TV and radio all night long,” he adds.

Viewers were able to listen to the live broadcast via the constituency pages on the BBC News website, allowing them to: Personalize your election experienceTelevision broadcasting was also somewhat dedicated, with the BBC’s central studio in London and the BBC’s broadcast channels Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland They were able to choose the signals that were most suitable for their broadcasts. In this way, the TVU platform showed its versatility to be able to deliver signals not only through intellectual property For the series’ OTTs, but also in Dam For various TV shows.

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Paul Sheen, TVU Networks CEO praises BBC for leading what was “Redefining “Broadcast Technology Frontiers”: “This collaboration is a testament to what is possible when we join forces. The future of broadcast is here: an accessible, sustainable model that opens up endless storytelling possibilities for audiences around the world.

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