August 15, 2022

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UNIR professor highlights Twitch penetration in Latin America against Anglo-Saxon market 'fragmentation' - Publimetro México

UNIR professor highlights Twitch penetration in Latin America against Anglo-Saxon market ‘fragmentation’ – Publimetro México

LOGROÑO, 3 (European Press)

Chica made the remarks in an interview with Europa Press where he noted the importance of the Twitch platform and Ibai Llanos, the latter being one of its main phenomena, especially for the global Twitch recording with ‘The Evening of the Year 2’, which was organized by a man from Bilbao, Which broke all live broadcast records with 3.3 million people connected simultaneously.

In fact, the UNIR professor noted that Twitch “we’ve been talking about in recent weeks because of the Ibai Llanos phenomenon, but it really has a long history of operation, especially when it was bought by Amazon many years ago when I realized that. The potential benefit that a platform might have for this Properties “.

He noted that it was a network that “began to focus so that content creators, especially in the video game, could do a live broadcast to comment on video games.” At this time, Chica added that since his primary focus is on the world of video games, “we can now find a little bit of everything.”

However, the UNIR digital marketing expert noted that “there are creators who are starting to get angry at Twitch because it is changing its reward policy,” all because these types of platforms “are the owners of the playing field and also the rules, that they can change them whenever they feel like it.” , which is an annoyance for creators, which could cause creators to leave Twich and look for another platform.

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In this sense, he also recognized that Ibai Llanos “is a phenomenon that goes beyond Twitch, and that if he decides to go to other platforms, he will have millions of followers wherever he goes.” All this, because Lanos “is a phenomenon in itself, and since she’s on Twitter now, everyone is talking about this platform.”

Chica emphasized that “there is a phenomenon that happens on all networks and platform simulations of wanting to be eBay Janus, something that the platforms are handy for, but it is not as repeatable as most banners, and everyone thinks if they do it. It can be done in such an easy way.” and document” which is not always the case.

“This means that some of the most popular streaming operators have made the leap in Twitch, creating a drag effect, which means that a significant portion of Ibai or ‘Rubius’ followers are in Latin America and that’s why there are followers, while that Anglo-Saxon market is more YouTube is still very strong, and there is a lot of loyalty to this platform.”

In conclusion, a Master’s Degree Professor in Digital Marketing at the International University of La Rioja noted that this platform has a “very important” presence of the Spanish language, and may in the future become a platform for the Spanish language culture, but it happens that if one analyzes the type of content on Twicht, rather than Targeting culture, it’s more about entertainment” which is “what generates the most users” and then it still generates a chain of uncertainty.