May 22, 2022

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Unpublished!  Fortnite removes buildings for the first time in its history

Unpublished! Fortnite removes buildings for the first time in its history

Epic Games’ battle royale kicked off the new season with the most drastic change since its inception and the addition of “Full Armor”.

In addition to getting started in earnest Server problemsresulting in queues of up to an hour to get into the game, the . file Season 2, Chapter 3 of Fortnite With another important and unprecedented fact of the history of the Epic Games video game: building removalThe most important and famous battle royale mechanic.

Fortnite: installations, canceled for 9 days

Epic Games decided to give a completely different start to the new season, and after rumors that it might be creating a no-build mode to encourage the arrival of new players, they decided Remove them in the most popular modes, either solo or in duos, trios and squads. However, it will be For a week or nine days only.

To counteract the loss of the game’s perfect defensive system, Epic Games implemented a new shield who called”TotalAnd that accompanies us from the moment we fall on the map until we lose our lives. This is 50 armor points which is considered as the first line of defense which when it reaches 0, Go back to 50. This is in addition to the classic green and blue life and guard rails that we can feed.

However, the company made it clear Building in competitive queues or in the arena will not be affected, nor will it be affected in Team Fight or Creative Islands.

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It is an electronic game

New mechanics in Fortnite, Season 2, Chapter 3


  • Players can now to run faster With the new default animation speed. The faster default movement speed also means the enemy’s speed. logically, The enemy is very fast It can’t be held all the time, so Epic added a file New speedometer.


  • If the surface is too high to jump on (or if the platform is too far for landing), You can jump and grab the ledge with your hands to go up.

the shoulder

  • In the new season of It is an electronic game you may smashing doors hard As well as when slipping.

balance changes

  • Improved mechanics for first shot accuracy: Weapons with first-person shooting accuracy, such as the commando assault rifle, will now gain that number more smoothly, providing near-perfect spread accuracy.

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