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Ursula String declares ‘Without mental health we cannot talk about health’ on Ecuadorean Psychologist’s Day | people | entertainment

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August 14 in Ecuador commemorating Day of the Ecuadorean Psychologista date established in honor of the first act of the Ecuadorean Federation of Clinical Psychologists in 1979. In connection with this date, the presenter presented Ursula StringAnd the He is also a professional psychiatrist, who published a letter highlighting the importance of mental health.

Strange sees psychologists as the great heroes of recent times. Learn about the three passions that Strenge guarantees provide luxury and allow you to evolve and transcend. “If we are to live fully and transform the world from our little theater, I invite you to put three passions into practice,” Wrote.

It was the first emotion he described tenderness, Because it is considered that adults lose it which is vital because it gives quality to our bonds. “Tenderness shows the most beautiful and delicate part. It is the essential nutrient for emotions,” It is to explain.

The second emotion was mercywhich you mention is often confused with empathy. “It is accompanied by a rush to take action to reduce or eliminate the pain of others,” claimed.

It is an emotion full of morals and solidaritypromotes the care of humanity, the environment, self-care and considered the mother of luxury”, He added about this emotion.

The third and final emotion he contained was gratitudewhich he defines as transformative. “To understand its power, we must practice it regularly and be happy for everyone and above all.”He said.

By being grateful for every gesture, attitude, experience, even the most difficult, we reduce anxiety and discomfort, and learn to savor every minute with more peace and joy. he added.

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Strange praised his colleagues, whom he described as silent agents of mental and emotional well-being. “Today there are many ways and methods to accompany pain, let us continue to do so with love, morals, responsibility, technique and respect”confirmed.

“Without mental health we cannot talk about health”he completed. (YO)

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