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life in fantasy tower It can feel uncomfortable when you don’t find what you need and don’t have enough patience to search. The game’s interactive map is the answer to your questions. It is not the map that you unlock within the game, but the one that is developed as secrets to be discovered and the content of the game increases.

Interactive fantasy tower map

Throughout your adventure in fantasy tower You will need many components and items that you have to get from the world, as well as to identify specific places and enemies. An interactive map is the ultimate tool for anything you want to locate. It’s the closest thing to Google Maps you can ask for.

The The official website of the interactive map It has been translated into Spanish and details the locations of items and places of interest for all maps fantasy tower…which is not a few. It allows you to select the items you want to see thanks to the toolbar on the left. In addition, you can see all the updates that the map receives.

In the picture you can see the presidents and world heads, which is one of the activities I recommended level up quickly. You can also search for more specific things like lettuce s bird meat for cook, password boxes, gold cores and much more. Anything you need, you can find it in a second.

You can log in and mark the things you took, the enemies you made and the things you got so you don’t waste time. You will see a progress bar while deselecting markers on the map. The developers assured me directly that they will do it Keep updating the map As more content arrives.

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Finally explain that this interactive map It’s not synchronized with your game. It doesn’t specify your location, so I recommend placing the map on the secondary screen and using the in-game map to orient yourself on the interactive map.

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