June 25, 2022

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Venezuela strengthens military presence in Apore state

Venezuela strengthens military presence in Apore state

Today, the Venezuelan Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) confirmed their military presence in the state of Apure, in the presence of irregular groups from Colombia.

The FANB Strategic Operational Commander, Domingo Hernandez, has reported through his Twitter account that eight sniper companies have been dispatched to demarcate the southwestern border, as part of the Bolivarian Shield 2022 exercise.

These forces will conduct searches, detection and interruption of criminal operations of the so-called tancol groups (Colombian terrorists involved in drug trafficking) that enter Venezuelan territory across the border with the neighboring country.

“FANB is carrying out operations to destroy and neutralize clandestine and illegal camps located on the transnational axis by Colombian terrorist groups that invaded our territory, filled it with explosives and mistreated our residents,” Hernandez emphasized on the communications platform.

In this sense, the military commander in chief determined that combat explosive experts defused and detonated thousands of explosives that these irregular groups had planted on roads and sidewalks to cover their infiltration routes from Colombia.

He denounced that these armed gangs take advantage of the goodwill and humility of the people of the border area, to “threaten extermination and death” by storming their properties and fixing them and filling the roads with explosives to avoid being traced. .

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FANB and militia

According to the Strategic Operations Commander, FANB maintains a deployment of more than 10,000 soldiers in Apure, which has been joined by several units of the Bolivarian National Militia in recent days, as well as the Armored Corps, Artillery and Aviation Corps.

FANB maintains over 10,000 troops deployed in Apure. / Photo: Twitter @dhernandezlarez

In a recent press conference, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino evaluated the Bolivarian Shield 2022 exercise, which has so far left at least nine irregulars demobilized, as well as at least 56 captured and placed at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Office.

During the defensive maneuvers, the armed forces occupied 16 camps set up by the Tankol groups, where cars, explosive devices, three aircraft, communication equipment, heavy machinery, weapons and ammunition of various calibers were seized. (Latin press)