July 14, 2024

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Waiting time for a mental health care appointment

Waiting time for a mental health care appointment

he Health Scale The CIS, which published in April, provides information on waiting times for Social Security mental health appointments. On average, 40% of respondents who went to a doctor for a mental health issue said they waited “one to three months” for an appointment, and 26.6% waited “more than 3 months.”

Psychological health. 82.2% of those surveyed say they have not needed to consult a health professional in the past year for a mental health problem or emotional or psychological distress, compared to 17.8% who have.

Of those who answered yes, 57.2% attended initially. to public health care compared to 40.1% who went to a private doctor (either with or without health insurance).

  • Data. 18.8% of the population surveyed are “dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied” (scores from 1 to 4) with Spanish public healthcare, compared to 80.5% who are satisfied, with scores ranging from 5 to 10, with our healthcare system.

Quality of mental health careThe vast majority of people surveyed, 78.9%, rate the care they receive in public health mental health consultations as “good” (43.3%) or “very good” (35.6%). They reported receiving “better” or “very much” better care than they expected.

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