August 19, 2022

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War on arthritis with the blue stick

War on arthritis with the blue stick

An old folk proverb says that the years do not pass by pleasure. Among the effects of the calendar, the human body suffers over time, after which aging diseases begin to appear. Arthritis is perhaps the most common symptom of the consequences of living longer, the main manifestations of which are joint pain, stiffness, redness, reduced mobility, swelling and pain.

In general, for the treatment of such a condition, specialists recommend eating products rich in omega-3, others are more inclined towards a balanced diet, physical exercises, the use of medications to relieve discomfort, and there are those who recommend surgery when medications are not appropriate. effective. However, there are medicinal plants that greatly help improve arthritis, including palo azole.

miracle at hand

According to the bibliography consulted, Eysenhardtia polystachyathe scientific name also known as palo azul, palo dulce, vara dulce and cuate, is native to North America, specifically Mexico and the southern United States.

Some scientific studies indicate that the plant in question can help improve arthritis thanks to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, and this is believed to be due to its content of flavonoids and other compounds that help reduce cartilage deterioration and reduce cytokine. Levels and leukocyte infiltration in the joint area.

Although Palo azul helps in improving arthritis, the medicinal properties present in it also prevent the formation of kidney stones. Some research also suggests that it’s a preventative measure for people with a history of this condition. Likewise, by having diuretic effects, it helps the rapid elimination of kidney stones.

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The explanation for these conclusions lies in the fact that sweet stick contains isoflavones that act as inhibitors in the formation and growth of calcium oxalate and phosphate crystals, so some studies suggest that it can be used as a preventative drug in people with a history of infection. kidney stones

Another benefit of this natural wonder, thanks to its high polyphenol content, is that it helps regulate blood sugar and control insulin levels. On the other hand, experiments have shown that the antioxidants they contain prevent the formation of compounds called AGEs, that is, advanced glycation end products, which are associated with increased complications in diabetics.

Meanwhile, few scientists specializing in these investigations are betting on the antioxidant content of palo azole, the same substances that can reduce oxidative stress and, in turn, the damage caused by free radicals to cells, thus preventing premature aging of cells. Skin and chronic diseases. However, more studies are still needed to confirm this benefit.

between dose and consumption

According to the Tua Sa├║de web portal, carried by the digital site week.comThere are two ways to take Palo Azul, one of which is tea or by steeping.

If you prefer the first option, take three teaspoons of palo azole, water (250 ml), lemon and honey, the latter to taste. The water should come to a boil and when it reaches the boiling point, add three tablespoons of palo azole and let it steep for several minutes. Once the drink becomes lukewarm, strain it and add the rest of the ingredients. Experts advise eating between three and four cups a day.

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If you prefer to soak it, the procedure is very simple. To do this, use cuttings of stems or branches with palo dulce leaves, water, lemon and honey. Now, although the ingredients are similar, the difference is that no cooking is required.

Soaking is achieved by placing the solid parts of the plant in a liter of cold water and letting it rest overnight. The next day, it is recommended to filter the preparation, add citrus fruits and honey, and then drink three to four glasses a day.

In the case of Mexican markets, this stick can be obtained quite easily. However, in other parts of the world, the purchasing procedure can be managed through the International Store. Amazon Or in some supermarkets, drugstores and drugstores, where it is usually served in small bags with kut bark.