November 28, 2023

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“We are a World Heritage Site”

“We are a World Heritage Site”

The last few days have been the most difficult in the careers of Andres Morales Troncoso and Lucas Gonzalez Gomez, known as Andy and Lucas. The Cadiz duo announced their split this week at El Hormiguero after more than 20 years on stage. They do it for prescriptionafter Lucas was diagnosed with My heart disease Which forced him to move away from the profession that gave him so much pleasure.

The “Son de amores” artists will bid farewell to thousands of their fans in concert farewell trip, Which they called him “Our last strings”. The musical couple will say goodbye to their concerts in Cádiz (April 20), Barcelona (April 27), Seville (April 30) and Madrid (May 13), where there will be no shortage of great songs that elevated them.

However, not everything this week was a tribute to the artists who marked an era in Spanish music history. The Latin Grammy Awards, held last Thursday in Seville, were a meeting point for the greats Andalusian musicians From our country, such as Pablo Alborán, India Martinez, Lola Indigo or Manuel Carrasco, but many other names from the musical history of the region were also missing. Also absent from the party are Andy and Lucas Not inviting him did them no good..

Andy and Lucas were angry about their absence from the Latin Grammy Awards

On social networks, Andy and Lucas expressed their discontent after being excluded from one of the greatest Spanish music shows in 2023. Luke The person who spoke out about the Latin Grammy Awards’ “ugly gesture” towards them, while ensuring that the public complaint is not motivated by an issue related to “Jealousy is far from it.”.

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“I think it’s for justice and for the numbers that support us. “I don’t care if we receive a lot of criticism after this video or not, because eventually we will retire,” the musician, who believes they cannot “look the other way” at this injustice, began to explain.

Lucas noted the celebration of major Latin music awards: “I don’t seem to be up to par A group like Andy and Lucas, who are 100 kilometers from our house, is the first time this has been done in Andalusia (because we… We are a World Heritage Site in Andalusia), or rather in Spain, we weren’t even invited to the Latin Grammy dinner,” he explained very angrily.

The singer pointed out that it is not about the nomination or the award, justifying that “that is another discussion”: “I find it unbelievable. The numbers support us He continued: “And it wouldn’t hurt to be invited to dinner or a meal.”

Latin Grammy Criticisms: “Categories Are Invented”

The man from Cádiz strongly criticized the organization of these awards, which no longer serve as a showcase for Ibero-American music: «A lot of people who don’t sing and don’t belong to the union are gone.. The Latin Grammy Awards have become an occasion to escape from your spouse for a few days and have some wine. Moreover, it seems that Categories are invented to reward“, he continued.

However, Lucas was very grateful for the support they received this week from the public after announcing the break-up, even though the establishments did not: “We appeared on a TV show and the biggest bonus was how the guy cried.” .General news. This means we did something good. The whole audience was crying and clapping. I’m not crying, but we deserve appreciation», he finished saying.

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