December 8, 2023

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The Ministry of Health indicates that “they have an unannounced waiting list of 60%,” and confirms that “the system is working.”

The Ministry of Health indicates that “they have an unannounced waiting list of 60%,” and confirms that “the system is working.”

Huelva, November 18 (European Press) –

The Minister of Health and Consumer Affairs, Catalina García, noted that the current Andalusian government “carries an undeclared waiting list of 60%” by the former Socialist Executive, highlighting that “the system is working and it shows that there are more referrals and more external consultations.” And more surgical interventions” and that “there will be more resources.

This is how the Chancellor responded in statements to the media in the city of Huelva when asked about the fact that Andalusia is “at the forefront” after the Ministry of Health published data on waiting lists for all autonomous regions.

The advisor pointed out that in the period from last December to last June, “Andalusia achieved a greater number of referrals, meaning that 553,000 additional referrals were made from primary care,” which represents “an increase of 6.3%,” as he continues. “We accounted for an additional 368,000 specialist consultations, resulting in over 10,000 more surgical indications and over 5,000 surgical interventions.”

“When we arrived, the number of Andalusians waiting for the operation, with what the socialist government announced at the time, cut off June of the year 18, was 72 thousand Andalusians, and when we issued the December announcement, that list was cut off,” Garcia said, “The number had risen to 172 thousand,” adding. “The same thing happened with diagnostic tests. Of the 222,000 announced by the socialist government, we reached 685,000 external consultations that were not announced, that is, another 468,000.”

“This means that we, and I’m talking about the 60% of the waiting list that wasn’t announced, were procrastinating on it, plus
“The pandemic forced us, as in the whole of Spain, to close operating rooms and reduce surgical activity,” the health chief said, stressing that “despite all this, the system succeeded because nothing stopped here.”

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He added that the number of waiting days “has been reduced.” “We remain the first independent community to reduce the number of days that Andalusians wait for surgery, by 75 fewer days compared to 2018, when 214 days were expected,” while for specialist outpatient consultations, they also wait 55 fewer days. “Today we have 192 One thousand patients, which is 12% more than in 2022, and 844 thousand on the waiting list for outpatient consultations, which is 4.5% less than in 2022.

“We will have to provide more resources, and the head of the Andalusian government has already announced this, and we will use all means, and we will take exceptional measures in January, but this system is working and it shows that there are more derivatives, that there are more outpatient consultations and that There are more surgical interventions.

Therefore, they will solve the situation “with more resources, with internal resources, approximately six million euros until the end of the year for the self-conservation, and in 2024, with more measures that will be necessary, because we are unable to do so.” “Balancing the number of patients coming in with the number of patients leaving,” Garcia concluded.