November 30, 2023

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Public health is in a permanent state due to the weather phenomenon

Public health is in a permanent state due to the weather phenomenon

he Ministry For public health Social assistance (Mispas) will remain in permanent session, with a system Epidemiological surveillance It is active over the entire national geography, to detect any health condition affecting the population during a weather event that affects the country.

minister health general, This Saturday, Daniel Rivera led A.J meeting With regional directorates, health districts and other agencies For the purpose of giving tracking To the natural phenomenon.

“The instructions are that you must I notice Everything, water supply, availability of medicines and… equipmentYes, SerumFor vulnerable people and the smallest details that go with them health general. The President has given the mandate to Protect People first and we are as well equipment“Together with the Council of Europe, we guarantee the health and lives of people,” he noted.

From the operating room Ministry to health He receives all Information Which provides authorities health in every region.

Rivera urged him equipment Technicians from various fields should not be neglected because Sprouts Epidemics that may arise.

Cholera in Barahona

Daniel Rivera, Minister of Public Health. (External source)

the authorities Today I reported that the outbreak Anger In the community of La Cienaga de Barahona taking place VerificationBut the pandemic fence remains in place.

Adolfo Pérez, director of Promese/Cal, revealed that about 100,000 units of Docyclinea medicine Used for fighting illness.

In the same way, Serum against AngerTetanus and diphtheria, the latter of which affects children under 5 years of age.

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The meeting called on residents of the region to avoid consuming river water and take safety measures. health Such as washing hands before eating or going to the bathroom, cooking food well, and washing fruits and vegetables.

Daniel Rivera noted that rain could increase risk Not just who AngerBut from others illnessIt is produced by water. Vectors and animals.


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Currently, 30 provinces are under some alert level. (External source)

In the meeting Which was done virtually and in person, partner Deputy Minister health Collective, Dr. Eladio Pérez, Dr. Gina Estrella from Risk Management, Ronald Squez from Debbie, Dr. Lucia Vargas from Vaccine Immunity, among other officials.

The committee confirms communication Permanent with General Juan Manuel Méndez, to provide supports As necessary for relief agencies.

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