June 23, 2024

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Welcome to Empyreum, voted as the best indie video game in Gamergy

Welcome to Empyreum, voted as the best indie video game in Gamergy

Madrid, 20 cities. (Portaltic/EP) –

Spanish video game Welcome to Empyreum selected as Best indie title at Gamergy, which was held last weekend in Madrid.

Amazon Web Services Spain awarded awards to the best independent projects located in Gamergy, in the video game complex area of ​​the Madrid City Council. Welcome to Empyreum, by Tapioca Games, Inner Ashes, Produced by Calathea Game StudiosThey took first and third prizes for best game, respectively.

Both titles are part of the program Playstation talents games campEach video game is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain.

Welcome to Empyreum Presents the story of a hotel where chaos is the order of the day. In this “party game”, which will be released in 2022, players will have to tidy up and clean the different floors of the Empyreum Hotel: from daily tasks like making the bed or vacuuming, to taking care of alien children or chasing away ghosts. .

“On behalf of the entire Tapioca Games team, a heartfelt thank you to all the audience who were interested in Welcome to Empyreum, went to play with their friends and left with a smile,” said Dario Perez, Producer of Tapioca Games when receiving the first prize.

inner ashThird Place, a narrative experience that tells the story of a precocious Alzheimer’s patient, former forest agent Henry, as he struggles to recover his memories, as well as to decipher and repair his relationship with his daughter.

“We want to thank all of you, at an event as big as Gamergy, taking a look at indie games in general, and Inner Ashes in particular,” said Alberto Sanchez, Marketing Director of Calathea Game Studio.

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Both addresses Coming in 2022 for PlayStation consoles Powered by PlayStation Talents Games Camp.