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What are the latest albums by Silvio Rodriguez and Bon Jovi?

What are the latest albums by Silvio Rodriguez and Bon Jovi?

In 40 years, Bon Jovi’s music has shifted from ballads to toxic love.Bad medicine Inspired by guitarist Richie Sambora’s love affair with a prostitute – to the point where it began This house is not for sale (2016) followed 2020 (2020), where the leader reflects interpersonal relationships, dreams, social context, and nostalgia. Forever He continues on this path, while explaining the condition that Jon Bon Jovi is suffering from, after having vocal cord surgery in 2022.

The results are quite good, considering the wear and tear of a professional with decades of world tours and albums. in wavesFor example, the sound sounds gritty and with some hints of vintage sparkle. However, the audience (and the singer himself, by the way) must assume that the calendar has its effect, and that there is no sin in absorbing the material, as other great stars such as Robert Plant, Elton John and others did. Bono, among many.

next to, Forever Notes the compositional limp that has afflicted the band since the departure of their historic guitarist. The songs lack the chemistry of yesteryear. It’s not a bad album, and fans will enjoy it as the best the New Jersey star could have performed under the circumstances. But the circle will not be closed until Richie Sambora returns.

Like Johnny Marr, Bernard Butler is a British guitar god who has taken the instrument to cathedral proportions, and his lyrical skills are fairly average. Just that Third solo album from People are moving forward In 1998, though, the former Suede guitarist has had enough work since his break from the British pop pioneers 30 years earlier, whether collaborating with Marc Almond or producing this century’s crown jewels such as Rockferry (2008), Duffy’s remarkable debut, in a packed CV.

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Good grief It appears to be the work of an artist older and more experienced than Butler, 54. from Camber sandwith its orchestral background rising like a swift dawn, descends upon dramatic trumpet, guitars, piano, soft drums and violin, for a song that leans towards the soul, in which the musician expresses himself comfortably and sincerely, through lightly accented oratorical phrases, which perfectly culminates the majestic orchestration. Deep feelings It’s the classic singer-songwriter sound that weaves together acoustic guitars, claps, percussion and dramatic violin, while Butler paints ritualistic melodies. In general, most songs undergo a natural transformation that allows the musician to show off his orchestral skills. But the fact of finding an authentic voice is this album’s greatest triumph.

The 78-year-old Cuban star, a central figure in our language’s songwriters, presents this 22nd title, with material recorded between 2019 and 2024. Only the last section, He composed two poems by Rubén Martinez Villena, comes from a project from the 1970s to compose works by “the poet and revolutionary of the 1930s,” according to its website; The rest is conditional material for the elderly. “When the children and grandchildren and the future are gone,” he sings, accompanied only by his guitar We have yet-, We have mysteries left, and the dark side is looking at us.

I wanted to know It brings together the essential points of Silvio Rodríguez’s work, accompanied by several players spread across a vocal arsenal, as the music develops layered in movements of great elegance.

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Americathe opening piece, introduces a dynamic between fusion and progressive – irregular meter, ornamentation – resulting in a mini-epic worthy of the title. It’s comingwith its salsa pulse and lead flute, delivers instrumental quirks like 70s Scratch. So as not to throw away the sofa It comes from acoustic guitar, to a touch of Caribbean-flavored rock. Jazz with a danceable twist Danzon to waitand room stage in Daily quota. Not the entire album is up to par, but the bright moments are illuminating enough.