June 23, 2024

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What are the most searched travel destinations by Colombians on Google: Bogota and Medellin preferred

What are the most searched travel destinations by Colombians on Google: Bogota and Medellin preferred

Interest in travel has increased, according to Google Colombia. (picture information)

Colombians travel more and more. According to Google search trends, the “Travel” category has increased in importancewhich represents 12% of the total searches performed. This number has grown compared to previous years.

In 2024, the highest number of travel-related searches were recorded since 2019, indicating a notable recovery in the industry.

Juan Camilo Agudelo, App, Retail and Technology Account Manager at Google Colombia highlights that Colombians have changed their preferences when choosing destinations.

Google indicates that Colombians are no longer looking for beaches for their vacations. REUTERS/Steve Marcus/File Photo

Previously, beaches and sun were king, but now, health and disconnection from the world are key factors for travellers.

49% of Colombians travel to improve their physical or mental health, and 22% seek to leave their comfort zone.

Despite these new reasons to travel, Colombians continue to prioritize economy, discounts and offers when planning their trips.

In a survey conducted by Google, 89% of respondents in Colombia indicated that discounts and products or services were the most important aspects. That’s why the main searches revolve around prices, which become a deciding factor in deciding whether to take a trip or not.

Colombians prioritize their mental health when it comes to choosing their travel destination. (picture information)

Although Colombians thoroughly research a destination up to 20 times before making a reservation, this number is lower compared to other countries in the region, such as Argentina and Brazil.

In terms of search platforms, Colombians show a more diverse behavior, searching for experiences, discounts and more nights per destination, preventing loyalty through a single page or agency.

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Another proof of this is that the increasing queries in Google Trends Colombia are:

– 2×1 all-inclusive travel packages 2023.

– Trips to Punta Cana all inclusive 2 x 1.

– All-inclusive trips 2×1 Cartagena 2023.

– Comprehensive trips to Panama.

– Cheap flights to Cartagena.

Searches by Colombians indicate that they are usually looking for cheap flights. (Reuters/Mike Blake)

On the other hand, the areas most interested in traveling are:

– Antioch

– Risaralda

– Bogotá

Regarding the most popular destinations are Bogota-Medellin, Bogota-Santa Marta, and Bogota-Cartagena. Internationally, Bogota-Madrid, Bogota-Miami and Bogota-Cancun are some of the most sought-after areas.

In addition, the average search time for an international flight is two months before the flight, and for a domestic flight it is one month. International flights usually take 13 days, and domestic flights usually take five days.

Using artificial intelligence, Google powers flight searches in this app. (Google Trips)

Google Flights is an online tool from Google that allows users to search, compare and book flights. It is used to find flight options quickly and efficiently, and offers a variety of filters and functions that make trip planning easier.

To use Google Flights, users must consider the following steps:

1. Go to https://www.google.com/travel/flights.

2. On the home page, enter flight details, including departure and destination city, round trip dates, and number of passengers.

3. Google Flights will display a list of available flight options. It is possible to sort and filter the results according to different criteria such as price, duration, airlines, number of stops and timetables.

The application allows you to view all available prices. (Google Trips)

Users can:

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– Use the price calendar to see the lowest prices on a range of dates close to your proposed travel dates. This helps determine the most economical days to fly.

– Turn on price alerts to receive email notifications when prices for selected flights drop.

– Use the interactive map to explore destinations and view flight options from your home city to different locations around the world. You can adjust the map to see options on different dates.