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What can we expect from Apple’s ‘scary fast’ event?

What can we expect from Apple’s ‘scary fast’ event?


(CNN) – Apple will hold its second product event of the season, a month after unveiling the new iPhone 15 lineup.

The event, which is available online only, will begin Monday at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT, which is unusually late for Apple presentations. Some analysts say the decision to hold an evening event may underscore the fact that this probably won’t be one of Apple’s biggest announcements of the year.

The event’s slogan, “Scary Fast,” was a clear reference to the possible reveal of the next-generation silicon chip, the M3, as well as Halloween. The company is expected to launch new iMac computers equipped with the powerful new chipset, which will also boost Mac sales. Mac sales have declined this year due to low demand, congestion, and deteriorating weather conditions.

In recent years, the development of Apple Silicon – the company’s custom-made silicon chip – has become a major issue for Apple, culminating in the abandonment of Intel chips. Apple can further improve performance with the M3 chip as it gains significant ground in the traditional PC and laptop market.

“It’s a big boost to the huge investments Apple has made in this space,” says Ben Wood, senior analyst at CCS Insight.

Apple Silicon has attracted interest over the years, and overall performance in terms of processing, thermal efficiency and battery life has been “very impressive,” Wood said. “There is no doubt that the company is quietly taking share from competing laptop manufacturers.”

Apple is working to solve the problem of the new iPhone 15 overheating

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In the second quarter of 2023, Apple computers accounted for about 8% of the global market share, but saw 10% growth year over year, according to data from IDC Research.

Apple launched its first M1 silicon chipset for its PC lineup in 2020, moving away from years of using a single option from Intel. At the time, Apple claimed it was the world’s fastest integrated CPU and graphics in a personal computer. Last year, Apple added the M2 chip to its MacBook line.

This year, the company is expected to bring the M3 chip to the 24-inch iMac and perhaps some MacBook Pro models in various sizes. It is not known if any of the new computers will be available before the holiday shopping season.

“Although upgrades to its M chips provide incrementally better performance, they pale in comparison to the difference when Apple switched from Intel chips to its own silicon,” said David McQueen, ABI research director. “We’ll have to wait and see if the M3 chip actually offers a big enough jump in performance over its predecessor to stimulate demand again.”

It’s also possible that Apple will showcase new accessories as the company moves toward a universal USB-C charging system. At the moment, there are no rumors about the launch of a new iPad.

Apple’s annual event in September is usually the biggest of the year. Last month, Apple introduced its iPhone 15 devices with a slimmer design, a more advanced main camera system, a customizable action button, and USB-C charging.

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