May 23, 2022

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What happens between Jada Pinkett and Will Smith?  The actress turns her back on her husband

What happens between Jada Pinkett and Will Smith? The actress turns her back on her husband

Two weeks after the Oscars, slap will Smith to Chris Rock At the Oscars he still got people talking. After the debate that took place on social networks, where thousands of people gave their opinions, statements Lots of celebrities Self-proclaimed with or against the winner’s reaction Oscar for Best Actor for Williams method.

One of the most anticipated data was that of yAda PinkettThe purpose of the joke Chris Rock. At first, the actress posted a A brief phrase on his Instagram profile: “It’s time to heal.” Days later, this recovery appears to have led to a rift with her husband.

Jada made some surprising statements to American Weekly, He asserted that Will Smith “exaggerated everything”. “I didn’t say I needed protection He was in the fire of work and It was he who grew upBut I didn’t, and I won’t do it in any way.”

Jada Pinkett // Gtres

Will Smith, admitted to the rehabilitation clinic

After the huge uproar generated by what happened at the Oscars, Will Smith walks into a luxury rehab center It is frequented by other celebrities. “The impact of the attack has taken a heavy toll on Will, so he will have help to deal with the pressure,” the British newspaper reported. the sunFrom making the news public.

“This is without a doubt The battle of his career. It will be a high-end sanctuary frequented by the rich and famous, where they hope to find the strength they need to keep going.”

He went into rehab right after the actor quit your membership At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which opened a disciplinary record After what happened to assess the consequences of this aggression on the actor.

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Actor Will Smith accepts an Oscar for The Williams Method
Actor Will Smith collects an Oscar for The Williams Method // Getty Images

Jada Pinkett video recording Will Smith revealing his character

Social networks have recovered a video that they recorded Jada Pinkett In 2019 for your program red table discussionwhich is presented for the first time Couples therapist, Esther Beryl. In the footage, Jada asks her husband if he thinks Beryl was instrumental in redefining their relationship.

But far from collaborating with his wife’s project, He answered him very poorly: “I would say don’t sign me up without asking me first. You can’t use me as a prompt for social networks. It is my image and my presence in it is decided by me. Don’t record.

At that moment, Jada downplayed her husband’s reaction, turning to the camera, “Don’t look at him.” However, this video has taken on a new meaning that highlights the actor’s unexpected personality.