July 1, 2022

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Los expertos en Salud Pública responden: ¿Es el momento adecuado para eliminar las mascarillas en interiores?

Public health experts answer: Is this the right time to get rid of masks indoors?

“Following the gradual measures and reliance on expert advice, I have informed the Regional Council that we will submit to the Council of Ministers on April 19 a royal decree according to which masks It is no longer mandatory inside.”

This was announced by the Minister of Health, Carolina Dariacancel the only measure in place against the coronavirus pandemic.

The face mask It will no longer be mandatory indoors from April 20, after the celebration of Easter.

The abolition of this measure, which will be approved by the Cabinet a day in advance, will have, yes, some exceptions.

Where will the mask stay mandatory indoors?

In social and health settings such as nursing homes or hospitals, as well as on public transportation, face masks will still be necessary.

“It will still be mandatory in those places where we understand that there is more weakness and People who need protection‘ explained the head of the health department.

But the fact is that the abolition of compulsory masks indoors becomes, after eliminating the isolation of COVID-19 patients, the last measure to combat the health crisis.

Archive – Two elderly people talking while sitting on a bench and wearing a mask in front of a house European Press – Archive

As the government decided on March 28, Spain entered a new phase of managing the pandemic.

Now, in addition to counting only cases of vulnerable people (over 60, with pre-existing diseases, immunosuppression …), they have also stopped doing PCR tests and antigen tests.

In the event of an infection or suspicion, it is recommended to take extreme precautions by using a mask and other security measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Is it a premature measure?

The truth is that some experts believe we are not yet at the ideal scenario for ending inner masks.

the doctor Jesus Molinaa spokesperson for the Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Health Administration, explained this.

  • “I think it’s still early days because we still don’t know the evolution of the virus. We are still in the middle of the sixth wave.”

  • “It would be ideal with less than 100 cases per 100,000 population data, and above all, as long as there is no clinical impact in terms of hospitalization.”

According to the latest medical report, there were 27,079 new cases, of which 11,063 were people over 60 years old.

These latest figures bring the total number of infections in Spain, always according to official data, to 115,78,653 since the beginning of the epidemic. For the deceased, the latest data is 206.

Thus, the cumulative infection rate in our country, which only counts injuries of people over 60 years of age, is 426.15 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. In recent days there has been a decrease compared to 459.27 reported last week.

Recommended better than mandatory

Different criteria for the doctor Juan Martinez Hernandeza specialist in preventive medicine and public health, and author of numerous scientific publications such as Coronavirus: Diary of a Pandemic.

Martinez also believes that removing the masks now may be a bit “premature”, but adds that “sooner or later this obligation must be rescinded because it is a coercive measure.”

And then add:

“It should not be mandatory, but at this time it should still be recommended. Health authorities should rescind the obligation as it undermines people’s individual freedom, but should continue to use it on a voluntary and recommended basis.”

Plus, to be more precise, Dr. Martinez is betting that a face mask is “mandatory.” weak spaces and public transportation.

But “also in mega events, family gatherings, cinemas and theaters … because the epidemic is not over yet. The percentage of positivity in some health centers is still between 7-8%, and this means that the virus continues to spread.”

Finally it ends.

“It’s premature and that’s why Health authorities should recommend the use of the mask in some placesIt is more than that, because it is incomprehensible that vulnerable people, for example, go to the theater and there are people without a mask, ”says Juan Martinez.