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What is Ana Gabriel’s health condition today, May 22, after she was admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia?

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(Screenshot @anagabrieloficial)

Anna Gabrielle He worried his fans by reporting that flu What he had been suffering from for several days became more complicated. The singer shared a video clip on her Instagram account confirming that her health condition has worsened, and she is currently in trouble He has pneumonia. So it stays in Absolute comfort He is subject to strict medical supervision to ensure a speedy recovery.

However, the translator “Who love you” She sounded the sirens, but despite looking down, she sent her greetings to her waiting audience, wishing her well. “Do not forget, I always carry them with me“, he commented.

“I want to inform you, it is not good news: the flu has become complicated and turned into pneumonia. Under medical orders, I must remain completely comfortable under their supervision and medication.

(Screenshot @anagabrieloficial)

It should be noted that the artist was hospitalized in Chile after experiencing difficulties due to a respiratory infection. “Unfortunately it got complicated, maybe I felt brave I did not care about the medical instructions. But hey, here I am still, with everything and I’m sorry to tell you what’s going on. Thank you very much for your understanding. Don’t leave my hand Please,” he asked.

“I love you, thank you for the support you gave me these three nights, but because of my health I have to take care of myself so that I can complete the entire tour until December.”

The artist also provided an update on the dates of her concerts, which were postponed in Brazil, Chile and Paraguay. During this video, Ana Gabriel is clearly affected by the situation, her breathing was slow and she appeared in front of the camera wearing a hat, her face covered with a mask and an oximeter attached to one of her fingers.

What is Anna Gabriel’s health condition today, Thursday, May 22 (Photos: Instagram/@anagabrieloficial)

“Due to medical circumstances, I’m moving back to Miami so I can recover from this pneumonia because we’re not seeing a positive change. I’m still on a lot of medications, it’s my life, it’s my health, it’s my music, it’s you.”

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