January 19, 2022

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What to do to make your Apple iPhone battery last longer

What to do to make your Apple iPhone battery last longer

The mobile phone battery It is an item that passes users’ lives. Everything turns pink during the first weeks of use but its performance decreases little by little without treatment. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a next-gen phone or a more modest one: neither has been preserved.

In case Iphone You can easily see how healthy your battery is. It is enough to go to the tab battery inside Settings. In this menu you can see a series of data related to the battery, its maximum capacity, a graph of its evolution and the list of applications that consume the most power.

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To try to prevent the battery from going reduce its performance Over time you can continue Directions provided by Apple. If the manufacturer says so, it would be better to pay attention to it.

It is best to follow Apple's advice

It is best to follow Apple’s advice


Always have the latest software version

Updates are for something and must be installed. No matter how lazy you are when you have to stay without turning on your phone for several minutes. Having an iPhone with the latest software version is one of the first actions you should take to make your battery last longer. At this time, the latest update is iOS 15.1.

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A woman holding a mobile phone in her hands.  An empty battery appears on the device screen in the smartphone.  The photo was taken over the model's shoulder.  I created the battery icon in Adobe Illustrator myself.  It's supposed to look like a generic battery icon

When there is an update, the mobile phone itself will notify you, even if it is not, or if you simply want to take a look, you can access system update inside Settings.

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Optimize iPhone Settings

There are two basic settings to save battery life. The first is to set the screen brightness to low levels: the brighter it is, the more resources it consumes. On many occasions, this setup is at its best and is not necessary. To reduce the brightness, just go to Control Center from iPhone and slide the brightness level.

Another way to control this setting is to activate the option Auto brightnessThis makes the screen adapt to the lighting conditions at every moment without the user having to touch anything.

To avoid having to charge your iPhone all day, you can reduce the screen brightness

To avoid having to charge your iPhone all day, you can reduce the screen brightness


On the other hand, it is convenient to make sure that you are using WiFi rather than mobile data, which consumes more battery.

Activate Low Power Mode

Another measure that can be taken so that the battery does not go down unfortunately is to activate Low Power Mode, available since iOS 9. This handy function allows you to extend your iPhone’s charging when it’s running out of power.

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Maria Castaner

A mobile phone battery is one of the most important internal components of a device's health

In this mode, screen brightness is reduced, device performance is improved, and system animations are reduced. When you start charging the phone and there is enough battery for normal performance, it is automatically deactivated. To activate this mode, you have to go to the Control Center and touch the battery icon.

Avoid extreme temperatures

All cell phones lose performance, and demand more of their batteries, when temperatures are not ideal. More than one user will receive a message that the iPhone is too hot and is turned off until it cools down. This happens because cell phones are designed to perform below 35 degrees and above 0 degrees.

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Smoke effect on smartphone edge screen

High temperatures affect the operation of the mobile phone

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On the other hand, keeping your iPhone stored in a very warm place can irreparably damage the battery in the long run. In the case of a cold, it will persist less temporarily until it reaches its normal temperature.

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Stuck in the block?  there is a solution

From Apple they reported that some iPhone cases may cause devices to overheat, especially when charging. This may end up affecting the health of the battery.

If the mobile phone is stored for a long time, pay attention to charging

This may be the scenario in which you want to save your iPhone for a season. So that when removed from the drawer it is fully functional and without any battery space, it should be stored at half load and in a cool dry place. If you’ve been storing it for more than six months, charge the battery halfway every six months.