October 18, 2021

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WhatsApp Bolsonaro: praise for Pinochet, criticism of the vaccine, and anti-gay jokes

WhatsApp Bolsonaro: praise for Pinochet, criticism of the vaccine, and anti-gay jokes

brazilian newspaper Oglobo On Thursday (September 30), leaked private messages were published President Jair Bolsonaro Through WhatsApp, in which they insinuate praise for the Chilean dictator Pinochet, criticism of vaccination against the Corona virus and mockery of homosexuals.

In a letter he sent a week ago, Bolsonaro stated that his country would face a “worrying fate” if the left returned to power, referring to opinion polls showing clear favoritism for former Socialist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Bolsonaro sent to his contacts a video with the inscription: “If it wasn’t for him to be spoiled in order to lie to the world that China is an example”.

Whatsapp Bolsonaro

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The video, split into two parts, shows the leader of the Labor Party (PT) saying that the Asian giant is An example of development for the world Meanwhile, to dead dogs being sold as food, as well as to a child who was allegedly beaten up by a teacher inside the classroom.

In another conversation, the president and ex-army captain shared with his relatives a video of the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet he admired, saying: “When the Chileans see what communism is, when they understand the tricks and deceptions, they will realize that this government is right.”

This was not a dictatorship, gentlemen. This is a soft dictatorship (soft dictatorship). Bolsonaro, who accompanied the video with an inscription that says “Forward” and adds: “Pinochet/Chile/1982, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, B…(?)”.

According to messages accessed by journalist Paulo Cappelli, the Brazilian president commented that the Pfizer-BioNTech antiviral vaccine, distributed by the federal government, is killing young people after a radio journalist noted five cases of recently (although two) of those deaths that had recently died. Cited for unvaccinated people).

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Whatsapp Bolsonaro

Whatsapp Bolsonaro

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“Young people are dying with Pfizer”, Bolsonaro, who contracted the coronavirus in 2020 and did not want to be vaccinated, wrote. “Risks – it is necessary to investigate! Young people are dying of cardiac arrest,” and attached a video clip also showing the legend “Bolsonaro is right.”

Messages sent from the same number also include Anti-gay jokes. On Monday, for example, he mocked himself by sharing content that showed people apparently demonstrating for the rights of the gay community burning the Brazilian flag.

A day earlier, Bolsonaro sent out a video in which musician Ruggiero Skylab said he had gay relationships without considering himself gay. said the artist and President commented: “Up to three times you can.”


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