February 23, 2024

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WhatsApp |  This is how you can protect WhatsApp chats with your fingerprint

WhatsApp | This is how you can protect WhatsApp chats with your fingerprint

In 2019 he came Biometric identification To WhatsApp, but it was only a few months ago that the application allowed access to it to be completely closed to those who did not identify themselves. Now the user has the option to configure their profile to be just that walk to WhatsApp By recognizing pre-registered fingerprints.

butthis interface blocked the entire application Every time a user left, it was very uncomfortable for some. For this reason, the option of blocking using biometric identity has recently appeared Specific chats. This new feature allows you to block individual and group conversations using your fingerprint.

These chats will appear as: Locked but not hidden So if a third party accesses your phone, they will not be able to read the chats that you previously blocked using your fingerprint. To appear in the As tab “Chats blocked” You should slide from top to bottom and you will be able to see that Hidden folder.

Below we explain how you can Protect your conversations on WhatsApp step by step Through biometric identification:

How to protect the application with your fingerprint

  1. Opens WhatsApp.

  2. arrive to menu Through the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Settings.

  3. tap on Privacy And specify the ban With fingerprint.

  4. Activate the option Unlock with fingerprint. From that moment on, you must always select it to use the application. Except when you want to answer a call, you don’t need to open anything.

How to protect chats with biometric identification

  1. open the to request And enter conversation What do you want to block?

  2. Click on Three dots icon And specify Show contact also Group information.

  3. He chooses Block chat And press

  4. Activate the option Block this chat with your fingerprint.

  5. Then you should Confirm the action with your fingerprint. You will then be notified that this action has been taken Limited to one device It does not sync with others.