July 14, 2024

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When will the new Assistant arrive and what features will it bring?

When will the new Assistant arrive and what features will it bring?

Siri landed on the iPhone more than a decade ago with the promise of helping usDo things just by asking“We just have to talk to it normally and wait for the magic to happen. Time has passed and this smart assistant still exists on our Apple smartphone, but we usually use it to program timers and a few other things.

The race to develop artificial intelligence (AI), and all the advances that have come with it, is presented as the perfect moment for this part of iOS to make the most important leap in its history. We have several reasons to believe this will happen. Mark Gorman points out Because Siri will be one of the main protagonists at the WWDC 2024 conference scheduled for June.

Completely renewed assistant

As we know, Apple usually does not give any clues about future releases, but that does not prevent analysts from drawing their own conclusions. In this case, it’s news about Siri Sources consulted By Cupertino Bloomberg Issues Specialist. Let’s see what we can expect from Apple in the coming months.

Currently, Siri allows us to add events to the calendar, create reminders, initiate calls, or set a timer. When using it, we must take a moment to organize our request into a sentence that the helper understands. Often, if we change the order of words or do not speak clearly enough, Siri will not be able to help us.

Apple siri cover

It is expected that the renewed version of the assistant will overcome this limitation behind it. Siri will be able to understand us better and will become a key tool for us Control your iPhone and its apps (also from third parties). We can, for example, ask with our voice to move a note from one folder to another, request a summary of an article or send a web link via email.

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But we will also see more advanced functionality. Thanks to the renewal of other parts that are part of the iOS operating system, Siri will help us summarize meetings and send them via messages. The Assistant may be able to crop an image and email it to a specific contact. We’re talking about news for your iPhone or iPad. There is no mention of MacOS.

When will the new Siri arrive on iPhone?

Revamping Siri was no easy task. According to sources, Apple has enhanced the core technology of the Assistant Large linguistic models. As we say, we should know the latest AI news for the company at WWDC 2024, which will take place on June 10 from 7:00 PM (Spanish Peninsula time) and which we will cover on Xataka.

The big deal between Apple and OpenAI is about to be finalized, according to Gorman.  It will be iOS 18 before and after

During the event, we should learn about iOS 18, the version of the iPhone operating system that will open the doors to generative artificial intelligence and many new features. The new Siri will be here, but sources indicate it won’t be ready for launch day. They point out that a revamped Siri is expected to arrive as part of a subsequent iOS 18 update next year.

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