December 4, 2021

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Which - which?  Tinder already has microtransactions like in video games

Which – which? Tinder already has microtransactions like in video games

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It is said there that “money calls for money” and if video games and some apps made a real gold mine with microtransactions, it was only a matter of time before this model was adopted in some of the most famous ones. We previously told you that there was some kind of sprint race on TinderYes, the flirting app, and now the video game effect is its own because it already has microtransactions.

Las Tinder Coins, El Pay to Win de la app

According to the information received from playerThe dating app Tinder has added a microtransaction option in select markets with the aim of making it available in most parts of the world in 2022. In this sense, the app has welcomed Tinder Coins. According to the report, this virtual currency, which can be purchased with real money, opens the door to options such as Boost and Super Like that will allow to expand the range of matches, as well as better and faster matches.

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Tinder owners are already thinking about Metaverse

Before Tinder Coins, the app appeared a premium variant that also provides benefits to subscribers for an amount of money.

Along with the launch of Tinder Coins, which are now the pay-to-win in the dating scene through apps, the company behind the app has reported that it is already considering doing something in the Metaverse, opening up new possibilities for interaction in virtual and augmented reality. reality.

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We may not win at video games, but now we can beat Tinder.

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