February 23, 2024

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Who is Susana Gomez, Maluma's confused girlfriend he's been with a lot

Who is Susana Gomez, Maluma’s confused girlfriend he’s been with a lot

the Rumors It has been circulating since last September, but Maluma (27) I decided to wait until good night to Emphasizes general and blurry for him relationship passionate with Susana Gomez. And now it turns out we know they’ve been dating since 2020, although they carried it so secretly that it contrasts sharply with the singer’s previous relationship, with Natalia Barulich, which we learned when they had practically accepted each other.

Juan Luis (Londono, his real name and surname) has grabbed a lot of headlines in the past few hours by posting on his site Instagram The picture you appeared in Kissing she has Girlfriend in front of the tree birthday: A very romantic and applauded photo, on the other hand, Maluma wanted to thank Santa Claus himself: “Thank you, Santa,” he wrote next to the photo to display his Christmas gift. Of course, since the picture was very blurry, there was more than anything interesting …Who was he Kiss?

According to sources in his environment, Maluma and Susana Gomez have known each other for years, but until the end of 2021 it did not begin to speculate about the possibility of love arising between them. it is known that She is an architect, which has nothing to do with show business and which keeps closing friendship with the Maluma’s mother, Marley Arias, as well as with his aunt and sister, Yudi Arias and Manuela Londono, respectively.

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Maluma and Homosexuality: Knowing the Origin of Rumors

Susanna has always been in Maluma’s life, and thanks to the narration of some fans, we know that last year they were more united than ever: at baptisms, parties, family gatherings … Thus, all the pieces fit together: the singer is very familiar, her family works in the company who coordinate her career and with her aunt they have an extreme (and amazing) relationship. It is not surprising that he finally found a partner in his closest circle: with Natalia Barulich, he tried to maintain a long-distance relationship (she lives in Los Angeles) and also consolidated his fame, relying on her to act as a DJ and open his concerts.