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With a mission to get to where life will be saved

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With a mission to get to where life will be saved

2022-08-19 05:19:15 / [email protected] / Alfredo Garcia Pimentel

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Friendly, dedicated and professional. These are approximately 60 drivers who make up the national transport group of the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela. And it could not be otherwise, because they carry out the important task of transporting the rest of the collaborators, protecting them on the road, and taking them to the place where they will save their lives.

Ignacio Gonzalez Lirena, head of the national transportation group for the Cuban Medical Mission in Venezuela, explains that these professionals must coordinate and implement a transportation plan that includes not only transportation of people, but also medical tools, furniture, medicine, spare parts and parts. , among other elements.

Responsible for transporting collaborators throughout Venezuela’s vast geography, drivers, mechanics and vehicles form a triad that should function perfectly.

“Strict control over the technical condition of the cars is required of us, as well as impeccable road discipline. Only in this way will our collaborators be confident that they will arrive safely at their destination.”

Of course, traveling the endless highways of Venezuela requires not only the skills and responsibility of our drivers, but also the knowledge of how to overcome obstacles that appear before taking over the driving.

“Sometimes there is a lack of resources to keep these vehicles running, and some of them have been in operation for many years. However, we are growing and operating with medical vehicles priority.”

Nothing stops Cuban tankers in Venezuela. These are 58 drivers, 8 mechanics and other professionals who, under the supervision of Ignacio González Llerena of Villa Clara, have a sole obligation to transport those who will later save their lives, in safety and security.

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