July 14, 2024

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X enhances accessibility and usability of Grok by redesigning the web interface.

X enhances accessibility and usability of Grok by redesigning the web interface.

The social network Grok is a “chatbot” launched by the company a few months ago that allows you to get real-time responses with a sense of humor that is not for everyone, as the owner of what was Twitter, Elon Musk, said in his presentation. This tool, available in Spain since May and accessible to premium subscribers, has multimedia search capabilities, supporting textual and visual sources such as documents, tables, charts, graphs, photographs and screenshots. Currently there is a button in the side options panel of the platform interface. However, X is working on developing a way to use this “chatbot” by redesigning its web interface, according to application researcher Nima Owji. This has led to the possibility of using Grok through a pop-up window located on the right of the screen while browsing the application and which is placed above the inbox for direct messages (DMs). From TechCrunch, who did not have the opportunity to test this function, mentioned that this format is similar to how other companies such as Google and Microsoft use “chatbots” within their productivity applications, as they integrate them on the side of the screen. This change to the site will therefore provide an integrated experience that allows X users to chat with Grok frequently, even when they are posting in the app or scrolling through the “feed.” For his part, the analyst presented other options that X will offer for using Grok, such as a function that allows you to search for more information about a specific account on the platform by hovering over the profile name. It will also be possible to select part of the text of an X post with the mouse so that the “chatbot” provides more information about the word, Owji shared.

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