December 6, 2023

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Xbox has analyzed what would happen if the Call of Duty saga wasn’t finally available on PS5

Xbox has analyzed what would happen if the Call of Duty saga wasn’t finally available on PS5

the Activision Blizzard purchased by Microsoft It turns into a fascinating story full of conflicts, curiosities, legal battles, and criss-crossing data in what is currently the most important business movement in the history of video games.

One of the most controversial points in this purchase It has always been the future From the Call of Duty saga, whether its games will continue to make it to PlayStation consoles and how it could affect the industry if Microsoft finally decides that they are exclusive to the Xbox brand.

A few hours ago journalist Derek Strickland published very interesting information in this regard since then During the trial Microsoft faced with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).This American organization Evidence was provided that Microsoft ran various simulations of what would happen if the Call of Duty saga was exclusive to Xbox and not released on PlayStationwhich, on the other hand, is quite logical because the company has to put on the table all the possibilities that it may have or everything that may arise in the future to prepare for unexpected events.

The Federal Trade Commission says $2 million growth in Game Pass will offset Call of Duty’s revenue loss on PlayStation

According to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) tests, Microsoft will lose about a billion dollars in revenue if Call of Duty hadn’t been released on PlayStation consoles, which would According to the FTC’s own conclusions, they could be compensated if the number of Game Pass increases by about 2 million Of subscribers.

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the amount practiced by the Federal Trade Commission It doesn’t seem very accurate To make up for the $1 billion loss that too It will affect both Microsoft’s direct revenue and reputation From the Xbox brand, but that If this is true, then the emulation existed and, in fact, Microsoft itself recognized it during the trial.

The company that owns the Xbox brand says that this simulator This was not done because they intended to make Call of Duty an exclusive saga, but as a precautionary plan In case they are unable to close a distribution agreement with Sony for the saga on PlayStation consoles.

The truth is, finallythe The FTC lost its lawsuit against Microsoft last July and shortly after Microsoft and Sony announced they had reached an agreement to continue the shooting saga on PlayStation consoles for nearly 10 years.