January 17, 2022

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Xbox Series S was the best-selling console on Black Friday in the US

Xbox Series S was the best-selling console on Black Friday in the US

Xbox S He was best selling console during the Black Friday 2021 In the United States, according to the latest Adobe Digital Economy Index report. After analyzing more than a billion visits to online stores in the North American country and surveying more than a thousand stores, the analysis determines that the scope of entry of the current generation of Microsoft has been the most popular console in the world. Black Friday.

Neither the PS5, nor the Nintendo Switch OLED, nor the Xbox Series X. Adobe has ensured that today’s most expensive domestic platform has benefited from the shortfall from the above. There’s a difference between the Xbox Series S and the rest during the last days of massive purchases in the US: There was stock.

“Although Sony’s PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch OLED remain the most sought-after consoles, the lack of chips and high demand have made them almost impossible to find,” which directly affected the Xbox S Currently available for $299 (€299 in Europe), as they explain with interested in trade.

The source highlights the appeal of this digital-only solution – no disc player – for its ability to act as an ideal console to take advantage of an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Phil Spencer already trusted the success of Xbox Series S a year ago

price matters“I think over the course of a generation, our expectations are that price really matters and that we’ll see Xbox Series S sell more,” said Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, when asked what the Xbox Series S means a few weeks after the release of their new consoles. To see if this trend continues when supply problems cease to exist.Currently demand is higher than supply on all platforms.

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Although he initially questioned the meaning of this version of lower features, since it dispenses with 4K resolution and has 512 GB of internal storage instead of 1 GB, the truth is that there are many markets that Xbox Series S penetration exceeds Xbox Series X penetration. ($499), the flagship of the current generation of Xbox. One is the UK, where the distribution is about 50% each; Although at the moment it is slightly ahead of the S series.

In contrast, in the PlayStation 5 family of devices, the digital-only model ($399) accounts for just 20% of the market share in the UK, compared to 80% for the standard model.

source | interested in trade; via VGC