June 28, 2022

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Zorin OS 16.1, the first update of the year for the Irish distribution

Zorin OS released new version in 2021, don’t miss it

Zorin OS 16.1.2 Update It’s the first update to the latest version of “Linux for All Audiences”, and as such, it mainly arrives with updates in the package and a few other updates, although it does come in a single release, which is always appreciated.

What does above mean? What if the main version of Zorin OS 16 It was launched last August and Zorin OS 16 Lite Delayed until December, Zorin OS 16.1 comes with both versions ready to download…because keep this in mind: If you already have Zorin OS 16 installed, you don’t have to do anything to stay up to date other than apply regular system updates.

Otherwise, remember that Zorin OS (Core) is the premium distribution From this project: Uses a feature-packed and eye-catching version of the GNOME desktop; While Zorin OS lite is based on Xfce and is aimed at teams with more modest resources…yes, without losing any elegance compared to the main version.

In terms of the news that Zorin OS 16.1 brings in general, the most important at the most basic level derive from the system update to Ubuntu OS 20.04.4 LTSincluding free kernel and graphics drivers, but also proprietary, because with this version RTX 3050 support was added.

On the other hand, the Zorin team keeps many other applications updated on its own, in addition to developing a few of its own, usually derived from GNOME or KDE applications, and in this group there are also updates, especially among the applications that it installs the system pre. Among all, it stands out libre desk 7.3The latest version of the Office suite was released early last month.

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Finally, it must be remembered that in addition to Zorin OS and Zorfin OS Lite there are Zorin OS Pro, paid version It acts as an economical support for the project and in it is usually included a large number of pre-installed applications, as well as various exclusive desktop designs that emulate Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, etc.

Well, the full benefits obtained from the sales of Zorin OS 16.1 next week will go to three solidarity entities in support of Ukraine, because the founders of the Zorin project are of Ukrainian origin, although they reside in Ireland.

Anyway, Zorin OS 16.1 is already downloaded Available on the official website In any of its versions: Zorin OS 16.1 Pro, Zorin OS 16.1 Core, which will be equivalent to the previous version but free and without add-ons, and Zorin OS 16.1 Lite.