June 28, 2022

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Perú enfrentará a Nueva Zelanda en un amistoso previo al repechaje intercontinental

பெரு அணி | New Zealand: Its election keys to assist Peru in preparation for the intercontinental playoffs | Australia | United Arab Emirates | RMMD DTCC | Game-total

The He already wants to have everything ready – from now on – so he can better face the intercontinental game in June. In fact, the test of Peru before the crucial clash against Australia or the United Arab Emirates was confirmed this Monday: . In this note, we explain the keys to choosing ‘All Whites’ as product competitors for ‘Blankviroza’ before the playoffs.

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“Peru will be mostly in Europe at the end of May, and from there there will be an adaptation period in the days leading up to the playoffs. It’s planned to make international competition more important to us. “Ricardo Carreca advanced at his last press conference.

Thus, these days, the Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) RCDE Stadium, Espanyol’s home in Barcelona, ​​handles all details of Peru’s important friendship. In principle, the competition was expected to be Moroccan, but that option was rejected due to calendar issues.

So ‘option B’ came into operation: New Zealand. The newspaper was already able to confirm that the team was facing Peru a few days before the playoff match against the Asian Federation representative. Already in 2018, the national team faced ‘All Whites’ to complete the World Cup path for Russia. Again, fate puts the same rival ahead, though in a less formal way, Qatar is heading to 2022.

Peru has already faced New Zealand in 2017 | Photo: GEC / Caesar fields

The keys to the election

Four years ago, the national team met the New Zealand players to complete Russia’s 2018 World Cup path to the playoffs. Again, fate puts the same competitor at the forefront of preparations for Qatar 2022. Ienzo Duarte -MemberA portal focusing on analyzing and disseminating football from the much-followed latitudes in our region such as Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Caribbean – we analyze how ‘All Whites’ can help the playoffs between continents.

Come to the rhythm: Australia and the United Arab Emirates will meet on June 7 to define their federation’s qualifying round for the intercontinental playoffs. Anyway, Peru’s two potential rivals will take action a week before the main clash for Qatar 2022, so it is essential that the match comes in the ‘Blank Viroza’ rhythm.

In that sense, New Zealand acts as a good product adversary. In fact, the New Zealand players have to play in the playoffs against Costa Rica to go to Qatar in 2022, so an earlier friendly against Peru would allow both teams to win the match before the intercontinental playoffs.

One style to consider: Due to the FIFA rankings and various football arguments in the Asian Federation tournament, Australia was preferred over the United Arab Emirates. More precisely the ‘soccerose’ style is similar to the style of New Zealand. Undoubtedly, measuring themselves against ‘all whites’ would be a kind of prelude to what might happen in an imaginary battle between Peru and Australia.

Before their federation change was approved in 2005, the Australians played in the Oceania qualifying round from the beginning of their history. Due to this, there is a special match against New Zealand. In fact, both teams have always dominated that part of the world.

“New Zealand has a history against Australia, and both share a look and style of play, similar to the traditional English style of long, front, body and aerial ball.”Highlights Ienzo Duarte.

“A match against New Zealand can be useful because it has the same style of play as Australia, but more emphasis has been placed on aerial sports and set pieces. Are playing.He adds.

Australia resigns from OFC and joins Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2006 |  Photo: oSocceroos
Australia resigns from OFC and joins Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2006 | Photo: oSocceroos

This does not mean that a friendly against New Zealand would be detrimental to Peru if the United Arab Emirates wins. It is almost impossible to arrange a friendship against an opponent that matches the style of play of the two competitors in question. So, it is good to come up with some rhythm for the decisive match.

“If the Emirates happen, I do not think the match will be harmful, because anyway it allows our team to play together and play a few minutes on the court, especially for those who do not change much (like Lapadula or Trauco.) Or whose leagues can be suspended and watch football only in May ( Like Cueva) (…) we must use it to support our own strategy in that friendship. “Duarte refers to.

Enemy with good cards: The New Zealand team has two role models: defender Tommy Smith and striker Chris Wood. On these two foundations the best team in Oceania has been built, which has again successfully reached the intercontinental playoffs. But those mentioned are not the only players to be considered.

Has ‘All Whites’ “Young players interested in midfield and office are trying to team up quickly, with Joe Bell (22) from Brandby, Matt Corbett (19) playing in Torino, Italy, Alex Greave (22) playing in Saint Mirren (Scotland), and Locke (23). Callum McWatt (22) and Elijah Just (21), both in Helsinki (Denmark) ”Ienzo Duarte insists.

Our pre-request: In Oceania, New Zealand dominate an attacking game because their rivals are not so damaged. But as for the friendship against Peru, the ‘All Whites’ are expected to turn to a more conservative plan in which they must use their defensive virtues.

“In defense they only scored one goal in the qualifying round, but when they were under pressure (Papua New Guinea and Tahiti), they made it difficult to create and limited the chance of injuring them.”Ienzo mentions.

There is no doubt that New Zealand is a defensive fortress. A goal scored in the five qualifying rounds he has played fully supports him. In fact, Russia has already been able to verify this goodwill of the maritime country by Peru in the playoffs for 2018.

During the visit, ‘Blanc Viroza’ could not celebrate any goal against the New Zealand players and they managed to score two goals in Lima, but in no case did they suffer more than expected. In that sense, the ‘All Whites’ will be testing our way forward and they will be looking to be good for the playoffs.

Photo: GEC
Photo: GEC / Nucleo-Photo> Jesus Sacheto

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