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74-56. Spain beats Colombia to reach the quarter-finals on the fast track

This content was published on Aug 27, 2021 – 08:18

Tokyo, August 27 (EFE). – The Spanish men’s wheelchair basketball team beat Colombia (74-56) with their third straight win at the Tokyo Paralympics, sealing their ticket to the quarter-finals on the fast track.

The team led by Oscar Trigo proved to be unruly so far on the track, and after beating South Korea and Canada, its third victim was Colombia, who held out until the last quarter with surprise options.

The fierce defense imposed by the Colombian team put the Spanish team in a quandary, as they had to search for resources on numerous occasions with mandatory pitches that caused their mistakes.

Spain’s three-point lead in the first half was the catalyst for Colombia, who backed their team led by Jose Lip, Daniel Diaz and John Hernandez with 52 points between the three.

In the final minutes, the intensity of the Colombian team throughout the match caused fatigue, which Spain took advantage of to gain the advantage and ensure victory.

The most successful player in Spain was Ignacio “Pincho” Ortega, who scored 19 points, while Daniel Diaz was the most successful in Colombia with 18 points.

Spain leads Group A with three victories, while Colombia lost two matches.

data sheet:

74 – Spain (18 + 15 + 21 + 20): Dani Stakes (4), Alejandro Zarzuela (9), Jordi Ruiz (6), Aser Garcia (12) and Manuel Lorenzo Diaz (10) – main player Pablo Zarzuela, Fran Lara , Amadou Diallo (2), David Morez (4), Oscar Onrubia (4), Ignacio Ortega (19) and Agustin Alejos (4).

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56 – Colombia (16 + 16 + 18 + 6): Raul Vega, Jose Leib (17), Daniel Diaz (18), John Hernandez (17) and Juan Vargas – quintet – Hector Garces, Guillermo Alzate, Andres Flores, Juan Escobar And Nelson Sanz (2), Rodrigo Perez and Guimar Granados. EFE


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