July 14, 2024

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A female pilot discovered that she works for two airlines

A female pilot discovered that she works for two airlines

The Shift portal tells a very surprising and strange story: a woman, first flight officer, named Danica Theuma, spent several months working for two airlines at the same time. Neither employer was aware of the situation, not least because one was based in London and the other in Malta.

The scandal appears to have started in December 2023, when a senior officer at KM Malta, Malta’s state-owned company, began working for Virgin Atlantic at the same time. Apparently the woman was an artist at scheduling. When I had free days in one, I traveled to the other to operate with him. Needless to say, he largely failed to adhere to all rest hours regulations, as expected.

In May of this year, the discovery was made by accident. Virgin Atlantic launched it immediately. However, he continues to work for KM Malta, as all his colleagues are aware of the strange situation and have announced their protest against the continuity of their partner.

The Shift tried to ask Malta’s state-owned airline why the co-pilot was still working, but received no response. Of course, the worker violated the commitment that the airline was supposed to have, but what is more dangerous is that she ignored international aviation safety standards that stipulate rest periods to ensure safe operations.

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