December 1, 2021

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A series set in the Blade Runner universe has already been written

Without going into detail about the story, so it’s not clear at what point in the story it will be located, director Ridley Scott confirmed that they are already working on a series based on the universe. Blade Runner.

In conversation with the program BBCThe director and producer hinted that the project will include the first season of 10 episodes.

“We are already writing the beta for Blade Runner. So we are already introducing Blade Runner as a TV series, which will probably be the first 10 hours,” Scott noted.

The 1982 film, directed by Scott himself and based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, was not a financial success, but over time it became a cult work that was promoted as one of the greatest film productions in the United States. Fiction.

In 2017, it led to a sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve, which brought back the character of Harrison Ford and was also not an economic success, although it was widely praised.

In recent years, there have also been animated series and several short films found between the two films, suggesting that in a live action series a story can also be told from replicas without necessarily needing Deckard, the film’s protagonist.

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