December 1, 2021

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The essential, the necessary, and the missing in human behavior

The essential, the necessary, and the missing in human behavior

Life unfolds in a constant individual and collective movement between what is desired and what is attainable; What is needed and what is there. possible and impossible to achieve.

In this exercise in analytical thinking and Generate creative ideas We intend to move Processes inherent in personal and collective life, through the circles of these three concepts.

We know that the needs and aspirations of all people are increasing and being metIt must have purposeLocation of leaders and rulersand other actors in the social and economic fabric.

In times of scarcity and hardship; from The conflict between what I want and what I can get; between what I want and what I can do; The Moving From that shortlist tends to get complicated.

for meAnd It is clear that Aspirations must have certain limits, always trying to conquer All possible social justice. DrWe must have a clear concept of protecting nature and the environment. We must maintain the moral obligation to pass on to successive generations a better world.

Gandhi said that we can have enough from nature to meet the needs ofand allBut it is not enough to satisfy the aspirations of a few.

Brief conceptual framework to get the most out of it in exchange.

In a simplified way we can think of three predicates we have Three concepts: people, products, things, and activities, tangible or intangible.

I suggest that on this occasion, Let’s focus on the last two predicates.

It is not difficult to see that this topic is suitable for more than one scientific master’s thesis.

Let’s separate the three concepts

Primary is a person or thing that is considered essential and unstoppable employment consideration. The primary term is an adjective of Latin cutWhich means ‘cut forward’ with the prefix.beforeindicate ‘before or in front’, with the verbcleavagewhich expresses ‘cut’ or To participate“plus the suffix”had become“.

The term basic can be used in different fields but always keeping its character as necessary or important in the context in which it is spoken, for example: in the field of chemistry, for the presence of a molecular interaction, the presence of double or triple bonds in a molecule. The sun is essential to human existence and to the animal and plant kingdoms. Water is essential for life on the planet and for the productive processes of humanity.

Referring to what is stated, it does not matter in context that the keyword is used, what is important is that the person or thing referred to is essential to perform an action in order to generate, achieve or retain something. same things.

The word “essential” can be used as a synonym for: indispensable, vital, obligatory, indispensable, among others.

Necessary (from the Latin) is the term associated with “necessity”. Necessity is understood as the deficiency or demand of an object. The need is often called Ananké (Need) in the texts of philosophy. Thus, what is necessary is determined in each case by the need that it satisfies.

What must happen, be done, exist or exist for the correct existence, activity, condition or functioning of a person or thing.

“Food is essential to humans”

Sports is essential health

The word “necessary” is used both as an adjective and as a noun.

“Essential” is “something we cannot do without” and “essential” is “something important but we can do without.”

Sing and dance one A necessary part of a musical.

Due to heavy rain, we made the changes nnecessary for for us Programming.

It is necessary to wear a seat belt while driving. It is necessary to follow the rules of the road while driving..

superfluous adjective, comes from the latin word “not necessary“integrated in”excellent“: what is put on top,” andDischargeThis means flow, that is, what is left, what is superfluous or what is superfluous, and what is extra, for example, in the glass, the liquid that overflows and flows, escapes from it.

with excess food we point out For those who, due to their composition, do not bring us anything good. They are the foods that should be at the top of the food pyramid, that is, their consumption should be very precise and intermittent, and they should be the exception rather than the rule.

What are the non-essential activities?

The state of being superfluous in a business or activity is determined by the fact that – according to this philosophy – it does not generate an added value for the output (good or service) that the company provides to its customers, that is, they are activities that do not contribute to the improvement of the goodCompany product identity.

WLA clever European writer said:Give me what is not necessary, that what is necessary can be obtained by all.”

In one of his songs, Silvio said: “What you lack leaves you less.”

Questions To stimulate analysis and creative thinking:

  1. How do you assess the relationship between material and spiritual needs?
  2. What are five tangible things and what are five activities, Do you appreciate that it is necessary?
  3. Is it possible that what is necessary for one person is superfluous for another and vice versa?
  4. Why is much of what is palatable bad for health?
  5. ¿You agree with the statement: “The more you get, the more valuable you are.”
  6. Do you dare to write a new question that stimulates the cultured and virtuous exchange?
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Remember that:

“The only pointless idea is the one that hasn’t been shared.”

Hands and mind to work!