December 9, 2023

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A TikTok filter lets you dance with a ghost on Halloween

A TikTok filter lets you dance with a ghost on Halloween

Lil Boo Tik Tok filter. (information)

New filter in Tik Tok It allows users to simulate a fun dance with the ghost who will not only appear during their videos, but will also be able to imitate their movements to accompany them to the beat of the music.

User Paul Russell (@com. paulrussellmusic), which is also recognized in United State Being a budding singer, he designed the effect called “Lil Boo” in which you can dance with the ghost of the same name to the beat of “Lil Boo Thang“, the artist’s latest song, so that he can entertain his fans and at the same time help others discover more of him music.

To use the filter, follow these steps:

– Enter the application Tik Tok From mobile phone.

– Press the search button and type “@”com. paulrussellmusic” to find the creator and enter their profile.

– Access your tab Effects Which will be marked with a magic wand-shaped icon.

– Find the “Lil Boo” filter and tap “He wears impact“.

The filter is automatically activated once the user starts recording, so both the song and the ghost are displayed.”Lil boo“It will start playing and appear on the screen. From that moment on, the users body will be recognized through impact and movements Cartoon character They will imitate those of the user.

Singer Paul Russell created a filter that allows you to dance with the ghost Lil Boo.

Once started, the file is automatically recorded video He’ll catch both the dance and a snippet of “Lil Boo Thang,” although this is only a short period of time in between. 10 and 15 seconds,So the choreography preferred by users should be concise or,however, if Dance It will be unscripted, and users must wait until the end of the song to cut the video.

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Yes good Russell He used the filter as a way to promote his song and interact with users interested in his music project, Tik Tok He also realizes that his platform is the preferred platform for artists to reach a larger audience.

For this reason, the social network announced a new function in cooperation with the music magazine Billboard, through which any user will be able to follow… 50 songs The most popular and trending app.

Depending on the application, “Billboard’s Top 50 TikTok Charts” It will only take into account trend data collected by TikTok in the US, and for now, it will only be available for use in that country. “This is the first list that will be responsible for monitoring music discovery and audience retention for publications that use it,” he says. Tik Tok.

The list of the top 50 trending songs on TikTok can now be viewed on the Billboard website. (Yasser)

The TikTok Top 50 will be updated every Thursday and may feature any trending topic, including those produced by you Emerging artists. “It makes sense that we partnered with Billboard to create this list. It gives a clear idea of ​​how music is consumed.” Tik Tok He noted that this is becoming a trend. Ole ObermanGlobal Head of Music Business Development at social network.

To visit the list of the top 50 most popular songs on TikTok, users will need to enter the app and tap on the circular icon at the bottom of the screen. After that you have to press the “” buttonMusic lists” at the top right of the screen. The list can also be visited on the Billboard website under the name “Top 50 Billboards on TikTok”.

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