August 7, 2022

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According to the World Health Organization, half of Europeans will have Omicron

According to the World Health Organization, half of Europeans will have Omicron

the health authorities Discuss whether it is advisable for us to change epidemic policy And let’s assume that covid becomes endemicLike the flu or constipation.

And while discussing whether omicron variable It’s less dangerous until we stop having it More afraid of the fluAnd the new wave and The number of injuries We have passed again.

This is the method used by the file World Health Organization (WHO), which just presented a panorama of the fait accompli, in which it already Putting aside restrictions and limitations.

Europe will have 50% of the infected

Europe and Central Asia region experienced 7 million new cases of corona virus In the first week of 2022, we doubled the previous week“, to explain Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO Director for Europe.

  • over there 26 countries which has more than 1% of the population is infected every week.

At this rate, the Institute of Health Standards expect it More than 50% of the population From this area he will have an omicron in The next six or eight weeks‘, Dr. Kluge has declared in your statement.

WHO does not refer specifically to Spain, but to all of Europe and Central Asia

It doesn’t always mean that Spain He will be condemned to this number. WHO talks about the broad field it covers, and that includes Belarus and BulgariaOr the Balkan countries or Russia.

They are countries in it Vaccination rates Much less than we have Western Europe, such as Spain and Portugal.

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Harm to unvaccinated population

but like Corona virus does not understand borders, the massive expansion of cases in a country leads to the emergence of a file domino effect Which doubles cases in other cases. the private policy Closing the borders no longer makes sense.

the WHO proposal This is what Spain has: Vaccination as soon as possible For as many people as possible.

  • the Vaccines continue to present a good protection against Serious illness and death, as well as in the case of omicronDr. Kluge insisted.

This is the goal Avoid hospital collapseBecause Omicron does not stop spreading whether it has been vaccinated or not, and even if the virus has already passed.

WHO spokesperson gave a few examples of The damage they do to the health care system Unvaccinated:

  • in a United kingdom, a 96% of Pregnant women infected with the virusThey have not been vaccinated, and a third requires breathing assistance.
  • in a DenmarkDuring Christmas week, the unvaccinated patients were Six times more than those who were vaccinated.

What does the World Health Organization suggest we do?

WHO did not promote Completely closed borders, which may lead to a impoverishment of the most needy countries. He always insisted that what should be done is Share the vaccines and speed up Vaccination in poor countries.

Before Low levels of vaccination In some of the countries that could be vaccinated, it appears that they have already opted for the fait accompli.

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the Advice Which we preserved when it was dominant delta variablemy son Valid more than ever with omicronDr. Kluge summed up:

  • Vaccination and booster doses The most vulnerable people.
  • more use masks internal.
  • ventilation close distances.

the Capacity limitationspopulation isolation, etc containment measures are not to speak.

Moreover, the World Health Organization insists on the need to Schools remain open It is the last site to be closed and the first to reopen. Don’t recommend it Teachers are included In all countries between Priority groups for vaccinations and stimulant doses.

How is the situation affecting Spain

how In Spain vaccination rates are very high, Huge rise in cases At the moment it does not have The influence of other countries.

The World Health Organization recognizes this in countries with these levels of omicron infection, priority to reduce Problems with basic health services.

  • over there High risk of collapseDr. Kluge admitted.

We haven’t gotten to that point. Yes, for a particularly serious case In outpatient clinics. There are doubts about whether we will survive.

What seems unlikely that we will have 15 million cases of covidwhich assumes the global forecasts of the World Health Organization.

the Spanish government Already moving towards flu“From Covid, as defined by President Pedro Sanchez.

Spain mostly followed throughout the pandemic WHO guidelines. The organization, however, said she sees precipitation Treat Covid as one endemic disease. There are doubts.

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