January 28, 2022

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Portaltic.-Google Displays news details and patches including monthly system updates

Portaltic.- They publish the new PCIe 6.0 memory standard, with data transfers up to 256 Gbps

Madrid, 12 (Portaltic / EP)

PCI Express Developers Consortium (PCI SIG) has released the new PCIe 6.0 storage standard, which improves performance of solid-state drives and enables them to achieve 256 gigabytes per second (GB/s) data transfer.

The new standard comes to renew the current PCIe 5.0, announced less than three years ago, which doubles in bandwidth, to 64 gigabytes of transfers per second (GT/s), compared to 32 for PCIe 5.0, as reported PCI SIG in a statement. .

This improvement can be achieved thanks to the use of Flit-based codec, so the bandwidth can be more than twice what it was previously capable of.

As a result, SSD storages incorporating the new standard in the future will be able to achieve data transfer speeds of up to 256 GB/s using x16 configurations.

The new technology introduces functions that already exist in the industry, such as four-level pulse modulation extension (PAM4).

However, two new features have been introduced to try to mitigate the problems of error rate increase associated with PAM4: light direction error correction (FEC) and cyclic redundancy check (CRC).

PCI SIG also ensures that the new SSD memory standard maintains compatibility with previous generations of PCI Express.

The developers of the standard hope that PCIe 6.0 will be used in data-intensive markets such as data centers, artificial intelligence, machine learning, supercomputing, automobiles, the Internet of Things, aerospace, and the military.

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