November 30, 2023

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AI will be a “personal coach and companion” for most people

AI will be a “personal coach and companion” for most people

The introduction to this technology predicts that AI tools will “learn deeply about your personal information.” (@mustafasuleyman)

And in a recent interview, Mustafa SuleimanHe stressed that the revolution artificial intelligence It already exists and in a short time it will be available to everyone.

According to co-founder L Deep mindDepartment of artificial intelligence GoogleIn just five years, a significant portion of the population will have their own virtual assistant powered by this technology, largely depending on whether it is cheaper and more widely used.

Even Suleiman believes that “he will be helpful, A personal trainer And a companion” because “it will be able to make you think during the day, help you to prioritize your time, to innovate, to be more creative.”

Chief Executive Officer The turn of the artificial intelligencewho is currently developing a chatbot AI that seeks to become a personal assistant expects everyone to have access to AI that “knows you,” which is “Very smart” and that he “understands your personal history”.

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In addition, “it will be fully aligned with your interests and will help you manage and process all the information you need.”

The role of this technology in people’s lives will go beyond just virtual assistance, according to Suleiman, who believes that in just half a decade “everyone will have their own assistant.” Foreman“; a job aimed at helping senior executives make better business decisions, and for some it is the boss’s right-hand man.

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Suleiman is a powerful voice when it comes to AI and his ideas come at a time when millions of people are discovering new ways to integrate generative AI tools such as ChatGPTthe text generator for OpenAI.

Mustafa Suleiman, co-founder of DeepMind and Inflection AI, talks about how AI and other technologies will take over everything, possibly threatening the fabric of the nation-state. (CC B)

The AI ​​pioneer is no stranger to the risks involved in this technology, and he thinks it’s not crazy to think so Chat bots They will be able to overthrow governments.

Solomon calls for a better method of evaluation artificial intelligence In his new book, The Next Wave: Technology, Power, and the Great Dilemma of the 21st Century, he explains why he believes our systems… They must continue to prepare To confront the repercussions of these revolutionary developments.

For Suleiman, the biggest challenge we will face in the next decade will be… spread of power Because it will amplify inequality and accelerate polarization in a context where it will be easier than ever to spread misinformation.

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Solomon presents his new book, The Next Wave: Technology, Power, and the Great Dilemma of the 21st Century. (Reuters)

Suleiman worked in government and conflict resolution before co-founding DeepMind, the company that created AlphaGo, the artificial intelligence system capable of beating humans at Go and other games.

He then sold the company to Google and founded Inflection, which operates on it Byea technology that aims to be more than just a chatbot.

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Its acronym stands for Personal Intelligence and it essentially seeks to be a “personal assistant” and even “friend, confidant and supporter” able to turn to “the right resource at the right time depending on the task at hand.” Solomon explains.

Who doesn’t consider himself a “naive tech optimist,” but believes the arrival of “personal AI is not much different from the arrival of smartphones, the most powerful portable device our species can invent that is in the hands of more than a billion people.”