December 6, 2023

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Ireland started on a strong note and beat Romania 82 to 8

Ireland started on a strong note and beat Romania 82 to 8

scrum.comSeptember 9, 2023 at 11:54 AM ETReading: 3 minutes.

Ireland beat Romania 82 to 8 So he started his journey on the right foot In the world Cup. those that are led Andy Farrell She excelled from the beginning and was taken into consideration Jonathan Sextonauthor 24 pointsGreat party character. I have restored the game on Star+.

If there is any doubt about your nomination Ireland To fight for the cup William Webb Ellis, the Clover men have made it clear that they are strong contenders to win it. Just try at the start of the match by Gabriel Rubano It gave little fear to the Irish actors who showed off their full repertoire and He scored 12 tries in an unremarkable victory.

Led by their captain of steel Jonathan SextonThe green jerseys backed up five wins in the first half Jamison Gibson Park, Hugo Keenan, Tadge Byrne, Bondi Ake And the same captain who also scored in the second half.

In addition, far from decelerating, Ireland He had no mercy and subdued an opponent who could do little against a team that showed off its full repertoire and alienated the fans who came to the stadium. Bordeaux. There were a total of seven more attempts by the winners, who added five and were the absolute leaders of Group B.

in this way, Ireland We will see action again in the previous week Tonga in Nantes. For her part, Romania, His next show will be no less than before the world champions, South Africa, Sunday 17th. again in Bordeaux.

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Ireland (82): 1- Andrew Porter, 2- Rob Herring, 3- Tadhg Furlong, 4- Joe McCarthy, 5- James Ryan, 6- Tadhg Byrne, 7- Peter O’Mahony, 8- Cailan Doris, 9- Jamison Gibson Park. 10- Jonathan Sexton (centre), 11- James Lowe, 12- Bondi Aki, 13- Gary Ringrose, 14- Keith Earls, 15- Hugo Keenan.

the changes: ST: 11´ Ronan Kelleher, Jeremy Loughman and Tom O’Toole Written by Andrew Porter, Rob Herring and Tadhg Furlong; 15′ Ian Henderson and Josh van der Flier to James Ryan and Kellan Doris, 19′ Connor Murray to Jamison Gibson Park and Mac Hansen to Keith Earls, 25′ Jack Crawley to Jonathan Sexton,

trainer:Andy Farrell.

Romania (8): 1- Julian Hartig, 2- Ovidiu Cojocaru, 3- Alexandru Gordas, 4- Adrian Motoc, 5- Stefan Iancu, 6- Florian Rousseau, 7- Vlad Nicolau, 8- Christian Chirica (centre), 9- Gabriel Rubano, 10 – Hinckley Vaovasa, 11- Tevita Manomoa, 12- Jason Tomani, 13- Fonovai Tangimana, 14- Nicholas Onoto, 15- Marius Simionescu.

the changes: ST: 9′ Alexandru Savin by Iulian Hartig, 12′ Gheorghe Gajion by Alexandru Gordas, 14′ Florin Bardasso by Ovidiu Cojocaru, 17′ Taylor Gontineac by Tevita Manumua, 20′ Marius Iftimiciuc, Dragos Ser and Tudor Boldor by Stefan Iancu, Florian Rousseau Hinckley Faufasa; 34′ Allen Conach, Gabriel Rubano.

trainer: Eugene Abjok

Points in the first half: 2′ Try by Gabriel Rubano (R), 4′ Try by Jamison Gibson Park converted by Jonathan Sexton (I), 12′ Try by Hugo Keenan converted by Jonathan Sexton (I), 16′ Try by Tadhg Byrne (I ), Penalty kick 20 mins by Gabriel Rubano (R), Bendy Ake attempt 32 mins converted by Jonathan Sexton (I), Jonathan Sexton’s attempt converted by himself (I) 40 mins.

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Partial result: Ireland 33-8 Romania

points in the second half: 4′ Try by Rob Herring converted by Jonathan Sexton (L), 9′ Try by Peter O’Mahony converted by Jonathan Sexton (L), 22′ Try by Jonathan Sexton converted himself (L), 27′ Try by Joe McCarthy converted by Jack Crawley (left), 29′ try by Peter O’Mahony converted by Jack Crawley (left), 34′ try by Bendy Ake converted by Jack Crawley (left), 40′ try by Tadhg Byrne converted by Jack Crowley (YO)

Accidents: PT: 31´ Yellow Marius Simeonescu (yum)

to rule: Nika Amachokeli (Georgia)

stadium: Bordeaux Stadium, Bordeaux